Psychology of the perfect outbound telemarketing script

To give yourself every advantage, you need a concise, precise, and persuasive script that pulls at people’s heartstrings.

By Amanda Sparks, a professional marketer and blogger

Outbound TelemarketingOutbound telemarketing is alive and well, despite what you will hear about the inexorable rise of online marketing and social media. If you want to be able to close a deal quickly and efficiently, there’s still no better way to do it than by speaking to a prospect directly.

To give yourself every advantage, you need a concise, precise, and persuasive script that pulls at people’s heartstrings. It needs to sell your product or service, but not in a way that makes people feel overwhelmed or hassled. It may sound like something that’s easier said than done, but it’s about understanding the underlying psychology. Let’s take a look at how you can make it happen for you and your business.

Break the outbound telemarketing script up into logical sections so the customer knows where they’re being taken

Services like Flash or TeamGate will help you create brand new scripts from scratch or introduce you to proven approaches that many businesses use with great success. What you’ll always see from a professional telemarketing script, is they’re broken up into clear sections. Not only does this make life easier for the caller, but it also makes the prospect far more amenable because they can see that they’re not going to have their time wasted by a long rambling phone call.

Put emphasis on the words that really matter when discussing the deal

If you want to really convey some emotion, it’s no use crafting an outbound telemarketing script that feels monotone. Italicize the key parts where you want the caller to emphasize something and look for short and memorable turns of phrase. If you can find something that will stand out on the page, then the chances are it will really jump out at the prospect when they hear it on the other end of the phone.

“Selling your business is vital, and you can’t do it without getting expressive. If you write a script that leaves no room for emotion or emphasis, then it will fall flat very quickly” — says Luke Simpson, Head of the Marketing Department at Resumes Centre.

People like to be informed and helped, not lectured to

People like to be helped, they like to learn something new and interesting, and they hate to be lectured at. Remember, you’re jumping into their day by suddenly ringing them, so your script needs to add value to their life. Tell them an interesting fact, and then seamlessly transition to talking about how you can help them out. Avoid scare stories and opt for facts and instances that will surprise everyday people. If you can come up with something that you’d want to tell your friends, then you’ve nailed it.

You can use comparison sites like Online Writers Rating and WriteLoad to create scripts that will really get inside the minds of your customers. If you can do that, then you’ll be able to know what they want to hear.

Start with a personable introduction, and flow seamlessly into the benefit statement

You should always remember that you’re providing a service. Customer service should be the core of what you’re doing, which means you need to give the right impression the moment the customer picks up the phone.

Introduce yourself and get straight on with the benefit statement. If you have 5 exchanges of small talk before getting to the point, you’ll be eroding the patience of the person on the other end of the phone. Show them you have something to offer to them, however, and they’ll be far more receptive to the rest of the pitch.

Ask questions so that the customer starts to ask questions

People find it flattering to be asked a question, especially by someone who has just phoned them up and positioned themselves as an expert or authority on a given subject. Asking the prospect if they’re tired of something, or if they’ve heard of a particular issue is a great way forward. If you can find a question that causes them to reply with one of their own, you’ve established a connection.

You need to make sure that your language fits with what people want to hear. It needs to be conversational and engaging, not longwinded and overly technical. Remember, it’s a phone call, not a high-level technical strategy meeting.

Keep using simple recurring phrases in your outbound telemarketing script that stick in the customer’s mind

Simple phrases that tell people it’s easy, beneficial, and quick to use your product or service are what you need here. Repeat them often enough, and people will come to associate the feelings they evoke with what you have to offer.

“Elections are won with simple phrases that people repeat over and over. They have a lot of meaning behind them, but it’s the emotions they evoke that are stronger, and more likely to lead to votes. Or in the case of telemarketing, sales” — says Pat Fredshaw, Head of the Content Department at Essary Supply.

Don’t handle objections, handle the fear behind them

If you want to really understand the psychology, then you need to learn the science behind it all. In short, people use objections to mask an underlying fear of something. Get to the heart of the issue so you don’t get stuck in a back and forth. Once you find out what the fear is, empathize, and make it clear you’re there to help as best you can.

Final thoughts for a better outbound telemarketing script

Scriptwriting for outbound telemarketing is all about psychology and getting into the mind of the prospect. Use powerful repeat phrases that evoke positive emotions, be personable, and get them to ask questions. And never ever deal with the objections themselves. Focus on the fear behind them so you can really open up the conversation.

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Amanda Sparks is a professional marketer and blogger. She is passionate about developing innovative and customer-friendly solutions for brands like Flash Essay.


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