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Outsource telemarketing; your key to preventing sales team burnout

Learn why outsource telemarketing can help mitigate challenges with your team
sales team burnout

By Ryan Apodac, Operations Manager 

We are still adjusting and, in some cases, trying to find what our new normal looks like in both our work and personal lives. Often times employees are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out and we know that outsource telemarketing can help. In fact, a national poll of the US workforce shows 58% of employees are burnt out which is up from 45% in the early times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Gallop study illustrates what the effects of employee burnout looks like.

Employees who say they very often or always experience burnout at work are:

  • 63% more likely to take a sick day
  • Half as likely to discuss how to approach performance goals with their manager
  • 23% more likely to visit the emergency room
  • 6 times as likely to leave their current employer
  • 13% less confident in their performance

One of the five factors contributing to employee burnout is an unmanageable workload. Here are some ways outsourcing can help make workloads more manageable and reduce stress.

Alleviate Burnout with Outsource Telemarketing

Cold Calling

One of the least favorite tasks of a seasoned sales rep is cold calling prospective customers. It certainly takes some thick skin to stay motivated when working through prospecting leads, the never-ending transfers, and tracking down the decision-maker.

A reliable outsourced telemarketing partner can be your ace up the sleeve. These challenges are our specialty and can help keep your team motivated and focused on what is truly important…. hitting their goals.

Lead Generation

Another sure-fire way to keep your internal team motivated is to partner with an outsource telemarketing organization specializing in lead generation. A seasoned telemarketing team can generate leads for your team and even structure their efforts to help your team know which leads are most viable to reach out to first.

With some additional information obtained through outsourced telemarketing, your team will have a leg up and be even more successful. Success equals happier team members.

Appointment Setting

Setting appointments is a difficult process that takes mental toughness, strategic planning and collaboration. An experienced telemarketing partner ensures the right leads are being contacted so you are not wasting time or money on potential people that do not have purchasing authority.

Unmanaged and Unstaffed Territories

Given the dynamics of the workforce today, placing additional work on current team members to manage open territories while finding the right staff is too much. Poor hiring decisions can be equally as challenging as employee turnover is imminent.  

Employees are your greatest asset. Don’t overload them with tasks that may lead them to burnout. An outsource telemarketing partner can help manage or support territories while finding new staff.

CRM Data Cleanup

The area of data clean up can be easily overlooked. With more and more organizations transitioning to work from home platforms, existing CRM data can be lacking or obsolete. Outsourced telemarketing is a painless and efficient way to validate and update your CRM. Keep your team from spinning their wheels with outdated contact information.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly caused countless challenges for all organizations, and all of your team inevitably feel the effects. Consider a proven outsourced telemarketing organization to ease your team’s burden to avoid internal team member burnout.

It’s highly likely that your business has been impacted by the pandemic one way or another. Only using in-house staff limits the continuity your team members and customers may feel. An outsourcing partner can help keep your team from becoming burnt out, your customers happy, and your business growing.

Quality Contact Solutions has been a trusted partner for dozens of organizations for nearly 15 years because as a company, we understand what is required to be successful in telemarketing and how we can help support our clients’ workloads.

Ryan Apodac is aOperations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions.  With a background of more than a decade in sales, Ryan is passionate about developing and delivering training that ultimately results in improved performance for client programs.  Ryan can be reached at or 516-656-5127. 


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