An open letter to QCS Employees during the COVID-19 crisis

In this time of uncertainty, we need to control what we can control.

Dear QCS team,

In this time of uncertainty, we need to control what we can control.

Let’s commit ourselves to the following:

  1.  We will maintain a positive attitude. No one and no situation can rob us of our attitude.
  2.  We will maintain a sense of humor. This too shall pass, and we will come together as a stronger team during and after this crisis.
  3. We will strive to find fairness in how we treat our employees, our contractors, our owner-operators and our clients. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all policy, and we’ll need to make some tough judgment calls and decisions in the coming days, weeks and months ahead.
  4.  We will be clever. Rather than get paralyzed by fear, we will think creatively for the benefit of our team, our clients and the company.
  5.  We will be confident. We are the BEST! We will get through this and it will be part of our company story in the future.
  6.  We will be productive. Each hour of our 8-hour day that isn’t being utilized by the business, we will invest in ourselves by reading books, watching relevant YouTube training videos, or listening to relevant podcasts. Where do you want to improve? Set a goal and dedicate yourself to using this upcoming “slow” time to improve your skills, knowledge, and know-how. Also, the marketing team would love it if you wrote a couple of articles to post on the QCS website. If you have time, set a goal to write an article every week.
  7.  We will over-communicate. Each of us has a responsibility to share information as widely as we can. The more we all know – the better we can make the right decisions and judgments. And the more everyone knows, the less isolated and afraid our individual team members will feel. Let’s commit to over-communicate.
  8.  We will not be afraid. We have confidence in our ability to navigate through the crisis.

Best regards,

Dean and Angela Garfinkel
Owners, Quality Contact Solutions, Inc.


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