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Effort and Results Graphby Ryan Apodac, Operations Manager & Training Leader

“What’s the Secret Sauce?” is a common question that is asked when I start working with a new client. The answer is: There is no simple answer to that question. Of course there are a multitude of variables to evaluate in B2B marketing campaigns to maximize performance, however it’s easy to overlook the small details that can make a huge impact on your overall results. Here are a few creative techniques that a great telemarketing service partner will use to leverage and maximize results on your B2B outbound marketing campaign.

Daily Program Scheduling

One of the keys to B2B outbound marketing project success is identifying when the prospect or customer will answer the phone. In most B2B outbound marketing campaigns the ultimate decision maker is typically in an executive or at least a mid-level management position. Knowing that you have to ask yourself; “when would be the best time to make contact?” I’ve found that it is much more productive to dial the majority of the time Monday-Thursday, and half a day on Fridays. Statistically, in B2B outbound telemarketing, Friday afternoons are typically the worst time of the week to reach decision-makers contacts. While this may not apply to every B2B campaign, it could definitely be a “Secret Sauce” ingredient.

Using a Local Caller ID

How many times have you received a call; looked at the caller ID and notice it’s an out of state phone number, and let it ring to your voicemail? Guilty as Charged! Conversely, I’m sure we’ve all seen an unfamiliar local number on our Caller ID and answered it out of curiosity… “Is that my spouse’s office number… Maybe it’s my child’s school… Well it’s a local number so maybe it’s someone I know calling from a different phone…” Pushing a local caller ID can only improve your answer rate. In addition to pushing a local caller ID, you will need to assign a name to display. One of the great things about Quality Contact Solutions is that we’re not just a telemarketing service. We are also partnered with QVD (Quality Voice & Data) which makes this quick and easy; allowing us to get local numbers in minutes!

Ring-To Number

What’s the best way to speak to a decision maker? Have them call you! One of the best ways to increase decision maker contact is to create an inbound campaign. In conjunction with using a local caller ID, routing that number to an inbound campaign and ultimately a live agent, gives you another opportunity to speak with the decision maker. A good best practice is to route to a live agent vs a voicemail box. Routing to a voicemail would inevitably create an additional step of calling back the customer or prospect. Whether or not you decide to leave a voicemail for a contact, some decision makers will ultimately try returning a missed call — just by seeing your phone number on their Caller ID.

Rotating Time-Zone Attempts

While it’s common knowledge that Eastern Standard Time leads are the first leads to attempt each day, it is likely not a best practice to run through those leads in entirety before moving onto Central Standard Time, etc. The same would apply to calling Pacific Standard Time leads late each afternoon. Granted, you can dial Eastern Standard Time leads earlier and Pacific Standard Time leads later each day, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best time to reach the decision maker. The key here is to rotate at what times during the day you are calling these time-zones. Be flexible with how you manage your time-zones and review the data, and you’ll likely find that “sweet spot” that helps you maximize contact.

No More Scripts!

It may be counter-intuitive to eliminate your script. After all, how can you expect an agent to call in an outbound B2B marketing campaign without a script? I recommend that you provide the outbound call agents with a Call Guide instead! Create a Call Guide / Call Flow that outlines all of the objectives and important information to relay to the customer and let the agent communicate that message to the customer. While this, for some agents, inevitably results in them creating “their own script”; so be it. It can empower the agent to contribute to their own success, and ultimately the outbound marketing agent will sound more confident in their presentation if they can speak in their own words. Careful monitoring and coaching of the agent to calibrate their thoughts of effective verbiage with your expectations is key here. While there is no easy recipe to maximizing performance in B2B marketing campaigns, these are definitely ingredients to consider. Think outside of the box. Little changes can make big differences. Finding your “Secret Sauce” will ensure the juice is worth the squeeze.

Ryan Apodac is an Operations Manager & Training Leader at Quality Contact Solutions, a leading B2B outsourced telemarketing organization. With a background of more than a decade in sales, Ryan is passionate about developing and delivering training that ultimately results in improved performance for client programs.


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