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Inbound Call Goals in Call Center Outsourcing

A successful contact solutions team includes an amazing customer service team whose primary responsibility is to handle incoming calls.
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By Shannon Svasek, Operations Manager

Call Center OutsourcingHow do inbound calls enhance outbound call programs? Many companies have an inbound customer service number. Customers can and do call in for a wide variety of reasons. They need to order an item or service, maybe they are unhappy with that item or service and wish to get a refund or perhaps to check the status of an order to name a few. But how do those inbound calls enhance the outbound call programs those businesses may be running? We will talk about that in a moment, but before any of that can happen you must have one really important piece – a great team!

A great inbound call center outsourcing team has these characteristics

A successful contact solutions team includes an amazing customer service team whose primary responsibility is to handle incoming calls. This team is the face of your company. These are the friendly helpful faces who will greet your customers at your “front door”. They must be attentive, willing to help, optimistic, energetic and most importantly great listeners! They need to be wiling and ready to help the customers and make their experience at your business a great one. Customers who are treated well and feel as though they were listened to and are happy with the outcome of their call are now willing to hear about other products and services you may offer.

Optimizing your contact solutions team and processes

So, when we think about how those inbound calls can enhance outbound call campaigns, there are a couple things that come to mind, first is lead generation. Generating leads for other faucets of your business. Asking customers if they would like to speak more about other services or products you offer that can be of help or interest to them. This is most successfully accomplished when the listening skills of your inbound agent are needle sharp. For example, a customer calls in to order a product, the inbound agent asks the customer some discovery questions to uncover what their needs are; allowing them to fit the customer with the perfect solution. Now the inbound agent can circle back to the needs they uncovered the customer has from the earlier discovery and use that as a reference point when generating interest for other products or services. “Earlier you indicated you needed help with ______. We do offer other solutions related to this and I would love to have a specialist contact you to discuss those further, allowing you to weigh your options. OK?” The great part about this is that you are using the relationship and help you have provided them to open up more avenues for your call center outsourcing team.

Increased average order size is a significant by product of an optimized call center outsourcing team

Proper use of an inbound team that takes customer service calls or order take calls and turns them into additional revenue will produce the highest return on investment across your contact solutions team. Using incoming calls to upselling other products and services produces higher results than most outbound call campaigns. The prospect or customer has set aside time out of their day to initiate a phone conversation and are ready and willing to listen to solutions your business offers — so set the bar high. Don’t stop with order taking, look beyond that and strive for order making. Offering additional enhancements to the customers original reason for calling in is exciting and should be approached that way! “If you like that…you are going to love this!”

Customers prefer to transact with your company in a manner that they choose and timing that works best for them

Let’s face it. Some customers like to receive calls notifying them about specials or deals that they may not be aware of. Other customers prefer to call you. Having an inbound contact solutions team coupled with outbound calling is a must. Customers aren’t always ready for the call that your call center outsourcing team is making. However, we must be on the ready when the customer has time to call us. Time, as we know is precious and how you handle your calls (both inbound and outbound) require constant awareness of the customer’s current state of mind. As I like to say, you are always buying the next 30 seconds.

Shannon Svasek is Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions, a leading outsourced telemarketing organization. With responsibility for overseeing the daily operations of client programs, and agent success. Shannon focus is that her client programs consistently reach the desired goals – every day. With over 18 years of experience in Telemarketing, Shannon has built her career on creating fun, open & respectful relationships between her team & her clients which drives unparalleled success. Shannon can be reached at or 516-656-5126.


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