How To Find The Best Inbound Call Handling Services Company

Find the right inbound call handling services company to support your business with these quick tips.
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When you need inbound call handling services to help support your business, where do you turn, what do you look for?


Finding the best inbound call handling services company to work with can feel overwhelming; we get it!! 


To partner with an outsourced services company successfully, collaboration is a must! The potential outsourced partner needs to meet your company’s technology, staffing, processes, location, requirements, and more. But how do you bring everything together without risk to your business? 


Here are five tips to help find the best inbound call handling services for your business.


Why You May Need Inbound Call Handling Services


Outsourcing your inbound call center can help reduce your overall expenses, including labor and technology, and allows you to focus on other critical company goals.


One of the many advantages of outsourcing solutions is you’ll have access to inbound call center technology, giving you options you never dreamed of before! 


If you pick the right partner, you can move towards developing an authentic omnichannel experience for your company, leveraging tools like chat, email, texting, voice, and callbacks under a seamless process.  


Why is omnichannel important?


An omnichannel experience is a consumer-centric approach designed as fluid experiences across multiple touchpoints.  


December 2020 report from Salesforce on customer service trends indicated growing customer expectations. For example, 76% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels and departments, and 53% said that it generally feels like sales, service, and marketing don’t share information, creating an inconsistent, emotionally unsatisfactory experience.


The right partner will also help you develop a long-term and short-term roadmap to help you achieve your goals. BPOs take a lot of pride in our flexibility.


Our resources and operations team can help you scale based on: 

  • Seasonality
  • Natural shifts in priorities 
  • Any other operational changes


 Where Do You Need Support?


The first step is to determine what solution you want to outsource. Is it order processing? Or customer support? Maybe technical support? How about all of it? 


Once you have this clear, the rest will fall into place. But, of course, not every solution is created equal, and not every BPO can cater to every aspect of your call center, so before you engage in any further conversations, have this first step very clear.  


Metrics That Matter


Now that you know what you wish to outsource, you must establish the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). 


KPI’s helps define clear goals and expectations between you and your future inbound outsourcing call center partners. 


Your partners should take these KPIs to set the tone for their management and implementation process.  

  • Keep in mind that there are many different KPIs in an inbound center, and every company can calculate them differently. 
  • Confirming the KPI and the calculation process during your discovery meetings with your future partners is critical.  
  • Having the proper data structure and analytics in place is critical because you want to trust the reliability of the data.  


Your Team


The core function of any inbound call handling services partner is to provide the best customer experience possible while building a solid relationship between them and your company. 


You must also interview your staff; how are they feeling in the call center? Are they feeling burnt out by their interaction volume? Are they getting the support they need from their management team? 


Your call center is a direct link between your customers and your company, and you must ensure you have the talent and time to keep every call covered.  


It is never too late to ask for help, but it is always better to resolve it early!  


Transparent Communication


The ability to communicate effectively with an inbound call handling services partner is a must. Both parties need to feel comfortable understanding that the business and call center are one team sharing one common goal, your success.  


At QCS, we pride ourselves on being client-minded first. We take time to carefully understand your culture, customer base, mission, and vision for the inbound centers. Then, we cater to our inbound call center to embody your values throughout every customer interaction using that information. 


Alejandra Gerbe is a Senior Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions. With almost a decade of contact center leadership, Ale has been able to use her skills in operational improvement, project/program management, and workforce management. Ale is a passionate, energetic, and results driven leader focused on improving our client’s performance. 


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