Top 6 Reasons to use technical support call center outsourcing

Megan Hottman, Operations Manager and Brand Evangelist

technical support call centerIt’s not uncommon for organizations to look towards outsourcing to support business demands that it cannot handle. This could be sales, accounting, customer service, payroll and general human resource management. Why would technical support be any different? It really isn’t. Outsourcing technical support call center functions provides a lot of benefits, especially too small to medium size businesses with limited resources. Building a solid IT support team is hard to do and to maintain.

Here are 6 reasons why technical support call center outsourcing is a great move for your business.

1. An outsourced technical support call center will reduce your operating costs

Employing a company to do the work for you is typically much less expensive than hiring an entire IT department. Therefore, reducing labor and equipment costs is one of the major considerations that companies outsource IT services. Buying all the equipment you need for an IT department to function effectively while maintaining the system can be very financially draining and time consuming for any business. Removing these factors and paying a fixed cost contract will help you manage your annual operating costs more easily.

2. An outsourced technical support call center will help reduce overall volumes by implementing automation

Technical support call center outsourcing focuses on reducing the support tickets received by automating much of the process, by providing self-service tools and trying to identify trends to provide relevant training requirements for users.

3. An outsourced technical support call center will give your organization more flexibility

As business needs naturally dictate an increase or decrease in support, technical support call center outsourcing allows businesses to not have to staff additional resources to support these ebbs and flows. Outsourcing help desk functions to a partner who is an expert at managing volumes is a sigh of relief for most organizations.

4. An outsourced technical support call center will enable you to focus on core business objectives

If you’re working to try and keep an IT department staffed appropriately, you understand the challenges of how that likely plays a role in significantly draining your time. Technical support call center outsourcing allows a business and its resources to direct their focus back to the core objectives and revenue generating opportunities. After all that core focus of strategy, customer relationships and revenue generating activities is likely what has made your business successful.

5. An outsourced technical support call center will improve SLAs

When engaging with a technical support call center outsourcing partner, very specific service level agreements (SLAs) are determined. As a business, the baton is handed over to the partner and they are now accountable for meeting and exceeding established response times and appropriate resolutions. It is not uncommon to have incentives in place for the outsourced partner to help keep customers happy and satisfied so the business is able to keep them and gain referrals for new potential clients.

6. An outsourced technical support call center will give you access to expertise

Technical Support call center outsourcing teams receive the best training, they have invested the time and resources to provide the latest and greatest service management processes and techniques, technical tools and best practices. Additionally, dedicated help desk professionals are typically more motivated to stay on the job since the outsourcing partners they work for have long term partnerships with several organizations.

Outsourcing help desk services or other non-core IT functions generally brings a pretty significant cost savings while freeing up resources to focus on the core objectives of your business.

At Quality Contact Solutions we understand that managing your help desk in house can be challenging and cause a lot of heartburn throughout the organization. You can look to us as a partner for technical support we work with you to help analyze your needs and help suggest the most effective solutions to support your business.

To learn more or ask specific questions regarding our technical support capabilities, call us today at 866-963-2889. Or schedule an appointment.

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Megan Hottman is an Operations Manager and Brand Evangelist for Quality Contact Solutions. Megan’s experience includes working as an outbound telemarketing manager for a Fortune 100 company for many years. Megan has been both a client and an employee of QCS, so she knows first-hand the quality, productivity and passion the team brings to work on a daily basis. As Brand Evangelist, Megan is a freelance contributor to our website. You can reach Megan at