QCS + AnswerNet = Expanded Outsourced Services, Capabilities, & Expertise

Quality Contact Solutions is excited to announce that we’ve joined forces with telephone answering services provider, AnswerNet.
QCS+AnswerNet Expanded Outsourced Services

Earlier this year, QCS joined forces with AnswerNet, a powerhouse telephone answering services provider – the biggest and best on offer in the U.S. and Canada.

Flying under the wing of the AnswerNet mothership allows us to expand our outsourced services and go above and beyond our former abilities. Together with AnswerNet, we have a combined 1,200 employees, a huge team capable of helping you in the following ways: 

  • Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing  
  • Customer Service and Support 
  • Virtual Receptionist  
  • 24/7 Help Desk  
  • B2C Messages  
  • Plus, so Much More!

Want to learn more about our expanded outsourced services, capabilities, & expertise?

Get in touch with our team! You can fill out our contact form here or give us a call at 866-963-2889.

To see more of our expanded capabilities, click on the image below.

Megan Hottmanis the Copywriter & Editor for Quality Contact Solutions. Megan’s experience includes working as a sales & marketing director for a Fortune 100 company for many years. Megan has been both a client and an employee of QCS, so she knows first-hand the quality, productivity and passion the team brings to work on a daily basis. You can reach Megan at  megan@qualitycontactsolutions.com or 516-656-5120.


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