Use B2C Outsourced Call Centers As Part Of Your Sales Strategy

Outbound B2C telemarketing can be costly and difficult. You need time, a dedicated sales team large enough to suit your needs, the right technology, and highly trained management and supervision. Many organizations have turned to B2C outsourced call centers to successfully reach their B2C sales goals in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Save Resources, Cut B2C Telemarketing Costs

B2C Outsourced Call Centers Building BlocksB2C outsourced call centers are an efficient solution as they don’t require significant time on the part of your organization. They’re run by an outsourced partner with a highly trained and dedicated staff of managers, supervisors, and salespeople. This allows you to focus on other priorities within your organization, while knowing that your B2C campaign is in good hands.

Internal B2C outbound telemarketing can be expensive, sometimes requiring additional staff to fulfill your needs, not to mention the space and technology needed to run a team effectively. Using B2C outsourced call centers gives your organization all of the necessary resources at a reduced cost.

Access The Best Technology With B2C Outsourced Call Centers

Get ahead of your competitors with the latest technology. Outsourced call centers are constantly upgrading their technology to the latest and greatest – something that most organizations cannot realistically afford to do on their own.

Quality Contact Solutions has access to this technology, ensuring an efficient and effective B2C campaign. QCS has technical resources including both breadth and depth to ensure a highly efficient dialing solution and sales data entry to ensure contacts per hour and sales rates are maximized. In addition, QCS is skilled with integrating with various client systems and CRMs which makes the outsource relationship less of a barrier for both parties (access to customer data, access to data enter orders, access to inventory data, etc.).

Get More Flexibility With B2C Outsourced Call Centers

An added benefit of outsourced call centers is scalability. Whether your organization needs a supplement to its internal sales team during peak selling times, or you need to outsource sales on a larger scale, there’s an outsourced call center available to suit your needs.

Ensure B2B Telemarketing Compliance

Quality Contact Solutions will help ensure your B2C telemarketing programs comply with the all telemarketing legislation and regulations. As industry compliance experts, you can rely on our team to protect you from potentially costly complaints and litigation.

Put Experts Behind Your Success

At Quality Contact Solutions, we are able to leverage years of experience to craft personalized B2C programs, tailored to your organization’s unique needs and goals. Our experience in the telemarketing industry spans numerous verticals and every imaginable call type (sales, surveys, lead generation, appointment setting, customer care, etc). And we make it easy to do business with QCS. We have successfully transitioned several B2C clients that needed additional expertise to leverage, without sacrificing losses in productivity, and customer service.


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