Vice President of Compliance and Administrative Services

Rich Hamilton

Overview And Experience

Rich Hamilton

“For me, I love tackling challenging and complex problems and coming up with creative solutions that help employees, owner-operators or clients to be more efficient and successful.”

Rich is the creative powerhouse behind many special projects and initiatives throughout the organization.

Rich Hamilton is the Vice President of Compliance and Administrative Services for Quality Contact Solutions, as a Customer Engagement Compliance Professional (CECP), Rich oversees the QCS telemarketing compliance consulting practice which conducts compliance assessments, reviews, and audits for companies that require outside professional assistanceRich also advises the QCS management team on telemarketing compliance matters on an as-needed basis.  Rich also manages accounting, human resources, and the administrative staff, ensuring all team members are aligned to support the QCS team as they work toward achieving client goals. Rich is also the creative powerhouse behind many special projects and initiatives throughout the organization.  

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