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Angela Garfinkel

Overview And Experience

Angela Garfinkel

“What’s great about working in the call center industry is the opportunity to learn about all types of businesses and how we can help them be even more successful.   When our goals are aligned with each client’s goals, it is a great feeling to exceed their goals (and expectations).” 

Angela's call center experience
spans close to 30 years.

Angela Garfinkel is the founder of Quality Contact Solutions.  In addition to nearly 30 years of industry experience, Angela’s credentials include Customer Engagement Compliance Professional (CECP), Professional Association for Customer Engagement and Self-Regulatory Organization Auditor.

Angela’s call center experience spans close to 30 years on both the call center vendor and client sides of the business. As an industry leader, Angela has been deeply involved with the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) as one of the founding members of the PACE Midwest Chapter. She is recognized as one of the leading operations and performance management experts in the call center industry. She frequently speaks and writes about how to improve call center performance and how to ensure regulatory compliance. Angela has a B.S. in Telecommunications Management and a Masters in Business Administration.

Angela Garfinkel co-authored an online course for The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) called Teleservices.

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