Call Center Monitoring

Our experts act as an extension of your team to listen and evaluate – and to provide actual, actionable feedback that will ensure compliance and quality that meets and exceeds your requirements. The combination of evaluating calls, documenting the call results/scores on key elements, following an escalation process for deficient calls, and conducting calibration/coaching sessions with call center management teams ensures maximum return on investment for each client. In other words, our call center monitoring team ensures that the quality call center monitoring program contributes to the overall success of each client (not just checking off a compliance scorecard).

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Key Benefits of Working with
Quality Contact Solutions for Call Center Monitoring

Let our team of experts conduct call center monitoring for you. Our company works as a third party call monitoring provider. 

In addition to the coaching and quality development, QCS also provides measurement, analysis, and feedback regarding trends and results of the third-party monitoring.

The key benefits of utilizing the QCS third party services include:

  • More monitoring. Most companies lack available resources to do adequate monitoring.
  • Objective evaluations, such as: Proper use of handle time, Call pace, Customer satisfaction, Branding, Greeting and Closing, Call Center Agent performance, Promise adherence and Recap of call procedures.
  • Our staff will provide unbiased scores for each and every agent evaluated.
  • Consistency across locations and teams
  • Timely and consistent evaluations. All call evaluations will be conducted within 24 hours (next business day) and the documentation will be provided during that same time frame.

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