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How to Set up a Call Center

If you’re looking at setting up an inhouse call center operation, the QCS team of consulting experts can give you a roadmap for successful planning, budgeting, technology deployment, training and implementation.

Is outsourcing a consideration?


how to set up a call center, professionals working to set up a call centerIf you haven’t already evaluated the option to use outsourcing resources, you should consider the potential benefits of outsourcing.

If you still want to move ahead with setting up an inhouse call center, the QCS team will provide guidance for the following:

  • Physical space requirements
  • Security requirements
  • Employee and staffing requirements
  • Management team structure, roles, job descriptions
  • Technology requirements
  • Training
  • Compensation and incentives
  • Forecasting and scheduling
  • Quality Assurance and Customer Experience monitoring
  • Script and talking points development
  • Omnichannel implementation

Experts who know how to set up a call center

Angela Garfinkel, President, leads the call center consulting team of experts. She has 30 years of industry experience, including running a multi-site BPO call center in the Midwest to starting Quality Contact Solutions in 2007. Angela is Customer Engagement Professional Certified (CECP) and is an SRO auditor for the Professional Association for Customer Engagement.

Dean Garfinkel, Chief Operating Officer, provides valuable expertise in call center compliance and telemarketing compliance issues. He is the inventor of Teleblock which was sold to Gryphon Networks. Dean is an omnichannel call center technology expert. Dean advises our call center consulting clientele on how to leverage existing technology and implement new technology to drive call center efficiencies and sales enablement initiatives.

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