Data Analyst 100% Remote

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Data Analyst Job Description

This role is responsible for maintaining and updating databases, and writing new code as requested or required. This role has an emphasis on SSIS, SSRS, MS SQL, MySQL, C#, and the manipulation of Microsoft Office products to extract information. Daily tasks include database management,
troubleshooting, and developing new solutions to improve data analysis. This job is well suited to people who enjoy analyzing data, finding new ways to solve problems, and have an aptitude for working with computer systems. There is an emphasis on reporting and data maintenance for
multiple systems. Experience with Pentaho Reporting is a plus.
A successful candidate with exhibit strong communication skills including technical writing for user guides as well as independence in troubleshooting and time management.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design and Test Database Plan:
    Design, write and modify programs to improve application processing for things such as online applications to websites, data transfer to internal databases, the processing of the application
    data, and online payment systems. Strong ETL Skills are preferred.
  • Provide Database Support:
    Part of this role is to create technical training manuals to provide support to other teams and users, as well as gathering user requirements so that improvements can be identified to simplify
    processes and increase productivity.
  • Modify Databases and Perform Tests:
    A key responsibility is modifying databases according to requests from teams and managers and performing tests to identify ways to solve database usage concerns and malfunctions. This includes researching new database products, services, and protocols that can enhance the systems in place within the company.
  • Communicate with Different Teams:
    Communicate daily with different personalities and departments, responding in a professional manner to queries or requests. They liaise with developers, to improve applications and establish
    best practices for the business. Must be prompt and adept with responding to tickets assigned from within the company system and provide accurate time tracking.
  • Construct Queries for Business Analysis:
    Analyze business requirements and program automated scripts to provide end-user support and regular maintenance to the databases. Must create business analysis queries, create custom-designed queries and codes to manipulate information and achieve the goals of the organization.