You Should Choose QCS As Your Outsourced Telemarketing Vendor

By Heather Dubas, Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions

Value. Quality. Urgency. Service. Achieving Goals. Being positive. Conducting worthwhile work. Easy to work with.

group of multiethnic people studying about teamworkThe words listed above are the qualities and behaviors that are desired in a partner company. These words also describe Quality Contact Solutions. They are the precise reason why many companies select QCS to be their outsourced telemarketing vendor. Continue reading

Outsourced Telemarketing: Considerations for When to Use

by Angela Garfinkel, President and Founder of Quality Contact Solutions

outsourced telemarketingThere are many considerations for determining whether your telemarketing services program would be best conducted internally in an in-house teleservices call center or with an outsourced telemarketing provider. There are many factors that should be considered as well as cost considerations for in-house vs outsourced. Continue reading

Telemarketing Services for Associations is Worthwhile Work

By A.J. Windle, Sr. Operations Manager

One of the core values at Quality Contact Solutions is making sure that we are conducting worthwhile work. What we mean by that is work that each of our team members can be proud to tell their family and friends about. It’s work that negates the stigma of typical telemarketing services and bridges the gap between outbound pitch/close and relationship marketing. Continue reading

Telemarketing Still in the FCC and FTC Crosshairs: PACE Recap

By Angela Garfinkel, President and Founder of Quality Contact Solutions

Picture of Angela Garfinkel and Dean Garfinkel with Tucker CarlsonThe 2016 PACE TCPA Summit was business as usual for most of the 300+ attendees. Special guest speakers included Mark Stone from the Federal Communications Commission, Lois Greisman from the Federal Trade Commission and Tucker Carlson, Fox News Co-Host. In addition, a host of legal experts and compliance consultants shared their viewpoints on how to best protect and defend against a TCPA class action lawsuit. “How to place telemarketing calls to wireless phone numbers (legally)” is still the number one issue facing the outbound telemarketing industry. And the answer isn’t that simple. If you have prior express written consent, there is still two large issues: “Revocation of Consent” and “Reassigned phone numbers”. If you don’t have prior express written consent, you can place telemarketing calls if you use the correct technology – a non-Automated Telephone Dialing System (non-ATDS). But what is a non-ATDS? Even experts don’t agree. Continue reading

Best Use of Email in Outbound Telemarketing Programs

By Rich Hamilton, Director of Implementation and Team Improvement Leader

Sending email to anyone throughout the worldChances are if you are reading this you are currently running an outbound telemarketing campaign as part of your selling strategy.  Whether or not the telemarketing campaign is successful, you have decided you want to look into adding email as a form of communication.  Is it worth the time it will take the agents to send out the emails?  What will the Return on Investment (ROI) be?  What types of emails should be sent?  How will the agents send the emails? Continue reading