Telemarketing Vendor Selection: Finding a B2B Call Center

Telemarketing-Vendor-Selection-Finding-b2b-call-center.jpgBy Nathan Teahon, VP of Operations

Finding a B2B call center honestly isn’t that difficult. Finding the right B2B call center is something that can be a little bit tricky. Also, nothing is worse than finding the wrong B2B call center. So, let’s say that you already have a call center in mind but you know very little about that organization. Of course the first step is going to be having a conversation with the key players within that organization. You have two primary objectives during that initial conversation.  The first objective is to identify if you can  see yourself working with the key players within the organization.  The second objective is to make sure the organization meets your non-negotiable requirements.  I like to call that “check box time”.   If  certain boxes aren’t checked, regardless of how great the organization and the key players seem, they might not even be an option for you. Finding that out sooner rather than later saves everyone a lot of time. The list of boxes to check will vary depending on what you are looking for and why you are going through a telemarketing vendor selection process. However, here are some of the things that are going to be most important: Continue reading

Telemarketing Lead Generation: 5 tips for High Quality Leads

Low,Medium,High Dial for Telemarketing Lead GenerationBy A.J. WIndle, Sr. Operations Manager

We exist because the world is driven by sales. Think about it. Everything we have is tied back to a sale that was made from a conversation that was had, which all started by generating that first lead. Let’s face it, most businesses have a goal to grow and in order to do that they need new leads and new opportunities.

So, what’s the magic sauce? How can you get more leads and how can you make sure that your sales team is capitalizing on those leads? Every business is different however I will tell you that after running hundreds of B2B Telemarketing lead generation programs, there are several processes that I believe will make sure your team is generating strong leads and that your sales team is capitalizing on those opportunities. Follow these tips and you are going to see improved results. Continue reading

7 Common TCPA Misconceptions

By Rich Hamilton, Director of Implementation and Team Improvement Leader

Are you confused by the TCPA? This past July, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) clarified the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) through a Declaratory Ruling.  Telemarketers have been scrambling to understand and implement updated policies, procedures, and technologies in order to continue to ensure compliance with the TCPA.  Telemarketing regulations are very complex.  And with this complexity, there is bound to be some confusion.  Here are 7 common TCPA misconceptions that I’ve observed. Continue reading

Telemarketing Quality Assurance: Lessons Learned

What I learned from monitoring thousands of calls last year

By Heather Dubas, Operations Manager

A new program has started in your call center.  Everything has gone as planned.  Set up- check, training- check, calls begin- check.  Now there are recordings piling up that you must listen to and critique, making sure quality is at its best.  This can be a long and daunting task.  As an Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions, last year I listened to thousands of calls.  To make my monitoring time more productive, I’ve created my own cheat sheet of best practices.  First off, I believe that telemarketing quality assurance is the heartbeat of any outsourced telemarketing program and if it flat lines, it can be the death of it.  Here are the top 5 things to consider when creating quality assurance processes for any telemarketing program, whether its B2B telemarketing or B2C telemarketing: Continue reading

10 Best Practices for Delivering Virtual Training

Kwyword for Virtual Training especially for Outsourced TelemarketingRyan Apodac, Trainer

It’s go time. Training is over. It’s time to put everything I’ve learned into action. Can I do this? Do I have what it takes? These are just a few of the thoughts we’ve all had on our first day after training for a new position. The unspoken question though is always “Was my trainer prepared to help me learn what I will need to succeed?” While this is nothing new, the latest trend in training pertains to the environment. As more and more companies are trending to a virtual model, Virtual Training is becoming more and more common in the workplace. Virtual Training is convenient; however one can easily overlook the important factors that can mean the difference between conducting a Virtual Training, and conducting a successful one. Continue reading