B to B Telemarketing

Placing telemarketing calls to businesses is a highly efficient and effective way to increase sales, update customer information and to ensure your customers and prospects are aware of the products or services you offer.

Some B to B telemarketing programs are very complex.  Others are more transactional in nature.

It’s important to clearly define the specific goals you have when setting up a new B to B telemarketing initiative.  If you don’t specify your goals and stick to them, very often the program becomes a melting pot of a variety of unrelated initiatives.

It is also important to segment your data and identify the “offer” that you will focus on for each telemarketing initiative.  For example, most companies segment their B to B telemarketing data into four categories:  High value existing customers, low value existing customers, lapsed customers and prospects.  With high value existing customers, we recommend using a managed account sales team to maintain the relationship and to build the opportunity within the account.  With low value existing customers, we recommend using a formula to identify the value and set a goal of increasing the account value.  Depending on the size of the customer list, setting up a core group of B to B telemarketing reps that services and sells into those accounts is a great best practice.  For lapsed customers, you may need to get creative with the offer or promotion to win them back as a customer.   It is often best to segregate your B to B telemarketing reps that do lapsed or prospect calling because it is much more difficult and you will need to compensate the sales reps differently to ensure they maintain a high level of motivation.

Then the last step of setting up a successful B to B telemarketing program is to determine if inhouse vs outsourced is best.  Quality Contact Solutions can help you determine if your program is suited for an outsourced environment.  In fact, we have a telemarketing operations consulting team that can be hired to do an assessment for you.