Inbound Call Center Solutions

Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences for our Clients and their Customers

Building lasting customer relationships are essential to your business, and we know that it isn’t always easy. We’re here to help. Here’s how.  

Improve customer satisfaction with an experienced team

Every interaction with your customers molds their perception of your brand. Delivering a world-class customer experience starts with a knowledgeable and proven team. 

Increase revenue & team productivity with the newest technology

Tools and technology are essential to properly manage incoming calls, texts, chats, and email volumes. Running an efficient, productive, and profitable team requires the use of the best workforce management applications. 

Access to highly skilled customer service professionals

A talented, experienced, and savvy team of US-based industry professionals provides a seamless representation for customers. Drawing on talent from the entire country equips teams with the most qualified inbound call center agents. 

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“Working with the QCS team is a pleasure. Their mantra of intelligent urgency is impressive. Their pursuit of meeting my sales and customer service goals is always appreciated. If you need a B2B outsourced call center team, I highly recommend A.J., Ryan and the team at QCS.”
Director of Small Account Sales
QCS Client

Why QCS?

Industry experts

We have a team of experts with specific expertise in various disciplines of the telemarketing industry. Each team member strives to give our clients the best possible experience.

Winning culture

Our team hates losing more than we love winning, which creates an environment that is motivated to drive performance and make sure our clients are successful. 

We make it easy

We work with our clients to own the entire process, so they don’t have to. That means we build it, we call it, we manage it, we report on it, and we make it successful.

Proven Experience

Our team is deeply rooted in the industry. Drawing from a minimum of 10 years of experience, we have the know-how to help our clients succeed.


We take pride in working hard and smart. We pair creativity and proven strategies from years of experience to help our clients exceed goals. 

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