Business Development Representative

Location: Work from Home Position

Title of the position: Business Development Specialist

Reports to: Nathan Teahon with a dotted line to Angela & Dean Garfinkel

Job Description: As a Business Development Representative, you will be responsible for call center/telemarketing client sales.

Overall Responsibility: As a Business Development Specialist, it is your job to respond to web form inquiries that we receive, set up appointments and find potential clients for our call center and telemarketing operation. You will be the first impression with prospective customers/clients and the company will rely on your persuasive abilities and creative methods of finding potential customers. Your primary tool will be the telephone, though you will rely on email, LinkedIn and other tactics for connecting with prospective opportunities for Quality Contact Solutions.

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  • Professional, energetic and efficient
  • Minimum of 2 years sales experience in a call center
  • Competitive, goal-oriented and persuasive
  • Self-motivated, with the ability to work independently and contribute as a team player
  • Excellent customer service and selling skills
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and listening skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to organize and manage multiple priorities
  • Must be detail oriented
  • Have the ability to organize your thoughts and clearly articulate the benefit of using the solutions and services QCS has to offer.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • QCS currently receives about 15 to 20 lead forms per week from our website plus we receive about 10-15 incoming phone calls to our sales line on a weekly basis.  You will be responsible for making an initial contact with the prospect as quickly as possible to identify ideal prospects for QCS.  For those prospects where the opportunity is not a good fit, you will refer prospects to third party organizations that we have referral relationships with.
  • Write proposals, get feedback and approval from Angela, and send proposals to clients.
  • Touch all open opportunities with a call and an email on at least a monthly basis.
  • Identify market segments where QCS should focus its marketing efforts and recommend prospect lists for purchase as needed.
  • Follow-up on leads that we get from any trade shows that we exhibit at.
  • Attend trade shows about 2 times per year to represent the company and sell our services to attendees.
  • Record all interactions in SugarCRM for recordkeeping and reporting purposes.
  • Generate a weekly report to Nathan, Angela & Dean which summarizes key activity, key opportunities, key wins and key losses from the week.  This report is due no later than 5 pm each Friday afternoon, via email.

Employee Requirements for a Work Space

You will need a quiet, dedicated work space in your home.  We do not tolerate any background noise from pets or others in the household.  You will be required to have high speed internet.  We will provide you with an IP phone, a laptop, a monitor, keyboard and a printer/scanner/copier.

You will work 95% from your home office and you will travel about 5% of the time, depending on how many larger call center opportunities you are working on.  It is possible that travel could be increased in the future to up to 20%, but we wouldn’t envision travel ever being more than 20% of your time.


Competitive Base Salary plus Commissions

Company Benefits:

2 weeks of paid vacation for Year 1 and Year 2.
3 weeks of paid vacation in Year 3 and beyond
6 paid holidays
Company health insurance which currently costs $265 for employees for their portion of the health insurance monthly premium.
$260 per year is placed in a FSA for out of pocket medical expenses.

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More about Quality Contact Solutions

Why do we exist?
We exist to help people protect their hopes and dreams.
How do we behave?
We value quality, urgency, service, achieving goals, being positive, conducting worthwhile work, and being easy to work with.
How will we succeed?
We will differentiate ourselves in the following ways:
*Recruiting and Hiring: We look for people who are different. People who want to grow and contribute beyond themselves.
*Training: Our training processes, based upon spaced-repetitive learning, allow you to learn more effectively and retain the processes and information to deliver exceptional results. Training is consistent, continuous and engaging.

How to Apply

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