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Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Pricing Options

By Nathan Teahon, Strategic Account Manager

Call Center Outsourcing Agent

In the world of inbound call center outsourcing, many things are going to factor heavily in deciding which call center to use for inbound call handling. Those factors are going to include things like location, agent quality, experience, facilities, reporting capabilities, the likability of management staff,  certification requirements such as HIPAA, PCI Level 1, as well as several other factors. Indeed, one of those things is going to be price.

Now, as it pertains to price and before diving into models and numbers, it’s important to note a couple of things. First, these models and prices discussed in this article are for domestic inbound programs placed in U.S. call centers. You can utilize offshoring for call center outsourcing if you are looking for the best prices. Still, there are several reasons why telemarketing services are best in the U.S. Second; it’s important to note that not every inbound program is created equal. The level of complexity, amount of training, and overall talent of agents required for a particular campaign can affect pricing.

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Best Daily Report Template for Outsource Telemarketing

By Melissa Oberle, Client Services Specialist

Outsource Telemarketing ReportOne of the biggest challenges with outsource telemarketing programs is how to measure performance. It’s not always adequate to measure program performance on a monthly or weekly basis. Sometimes the performance needs to be evaluated daily. If you are serious about making such an assessment, below is an example of a good daily report template for an outbound marketing program. It is essential to measure and track performance from the start of any outsource telemarketing program.

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Call Center Outsourcing Vendors: Best Rep Attributes

By Marcia Jenkins, Senior Operations Manager

Here’s a question for call center outsourcing vendors: How do you know you have the best telemarketing reps on your campaign? They share many of the same characteristics.


Happy with Call Center Outsourcing VendorsThe best outbound telemarketing sales reps are persistent. They continue firmly in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. If you have ever done telemarketing, you know it’s tough! When a sales rep has been around a long time, you know they are a persistent person, working hard, day in and day out to overcome the obstacles in their way!

They have confidence and know they can get the job done. They take ownership and don’t look for reasons to explain away their poor results. These persistent reps keep trying to get better and use available resources. These reps grow every day and get better every day, they are not happy with mediocre results. Our outbound sales reps at QCS are persistent! Continue reading

How to be Positive in Outsourced Telemarketing Services

By Angela Garfinkel, President

Outbound telemarketing with respect integrety ethics and honesty on a sign postNo. Not interested. Thanks for your call, but no. **** No. You get the point. Working in outbound telemarketing sales can be a very difficult job. Working in telemarketing management is also hard but at least we are not the person that is told no every 5 to 7 minutes throughout an 8-hour day. Most telemarketing programs average 1 sale every 4 to 5 hours. Some really great programs get 1 sale every 2-3 hours. The very best programs get 1 sale every hour of calling. So, in an 8-hour day, that’s about 100 No’s and, at best, a hand full of yeses. Continue reading

Results are Best with Telemarketing Services Experience

By Nathan Teahon, Vice President

We are all only as good as our team. At Quality Contact Solutions, we are extremely lucky to have the best team in the world. One component of our team is the Operations team. In a nutshell, the operations team is responsible for outsourced telemarketing services management. Continue reading