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5 Best Practices For Selecting An Outbound Marketing Vendor

By AJ Windle, Senior Operations Manager

Outbound Marketing Vendor Selection for B2B telemarketing can be difficult. Where do I start? Which center is the best? How will I ensure I am getting the best results? While there is no perfect formula, let’s take a look at some of these best practices to help point you in the right direction:

Understand “Your” Needs

First, Outbound Marketing Best Practices - Words written on clear boardyou must understand “your” needs.  It seems simple doesn’t it? Well it’s one of the most common mistakes people make. During the outbound marketing vendor selection process you will talk to a number of B2B telemarketing call centers who give you great reasons why you should select their company. My advice is to not get caught up in the glitz and glamour of promises but to really take a moment to look at the objective of what you are trying to accomplish. Take time to write down the purpose of the program. What experience do you need? What end results are you trying to accomplish?  Create a wish list of what your needs are. These are your core needs.  I advise that you should never sacrifice on any of your core needs during the outbound marketing vendor selection process. Truly understanding your needs and the needs of the program will help make the process easier when looking for a new B2B telemarketing vendor. Continue reading

Call for Telemarketing Vendors: QCS Opens Vendor RFI Opportunity

Telemarketing Vendor Selection-Call Center

By Nathan Teahon, VP of Operations

If you have read any of my articles in the past regarding telemarketing vendor selection, you might be familiar with my mantra that Call Centers are just like people. Each and every one has their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. Some are great at inbound customer service, others inbound technical support, others outbound telemarketing business-to-business sales, others lead generation, business-to-consumer, and the list goes on and on. Most have expertise in multiple verticals. Furthermore, some have different levels of PCI compliance, or a non-ATDS dialer for wireless calling. Some thrive with pay for performance opportunities, and some prefer to stay away from that. The point being, every center has its own makeup and has multiple strengths and multiple areas where they don’t have experience. Continue reading

Maintaining Compliance with your Telemarketing Services


An important part of telemarketing services is being compliant with all related telemarketing laws and regulations. We want to share an article written by Karl Koster, Chief IP Counsel of Noble Systems and one of the National Board of Directors of PACE, the Professional Association for Customer Engagement about some of those proposed changes:

The FCC has been recently soliciting comments on a petition (the “Bank” Petition) asking whether home telephone numbers, when used for home business purposes, should be considered as a “residential line” under the TCPA. With the increase in home businesses, it is not surprising that some individuals are ‘repurposing’ their home telephone numbers and advertising them for business purposes, including printing their home number on business cards, providing their home number on business forms, publishing the number on the business’s web site, etc. Why are they doing this? Probably not for the convenience, since having other family members making/receiving calls on that same number is likely to be a distraction to the business. We all know the real reason: to reduce costs to the business. This is even admitted by the individual who filed the petition to the FCC! Continue reading

Dean Garfinkel Receives PACE Fulcrum Award for Leadership

PACE 2016

Aurora, Nebraska, USA – April 20, 2016 – The Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) awarded Dean Garfinkel, Co-Owner of Quality Contact Solutions (QCS), with the prestigious Fulcrum Award during its annual convention in Orlando, Florida last week. The Fulcrum is the highest individual award that PACE gives for contributions to the industry, the Association, and commitment to Community Service.

PACE is a non-profit trade organization dedicated exclusively to the advancement of companies that use a multi-channel approach to engaging their customers, including contact centers, email, chat, social media, web and text. Their global membership allows members to view and connect with what is happening worldwide regarding customer engagement strategies. PACE holds an Annual Summit as well as National Convention & Expo to provide tools and networking opportunities for professionals in the Customer Engagement industry. Continue reading

7 Common TCPA Misconceptions

By Rich Hamilton, Director of Implementation and Team Improvement Leader

Are you confused by the TCPA? This past July, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) clarified the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) through a Declaratory Ruling.  Telemarketers have been scrambling to understand and implement updated policies, procedures, and technologies in order to continue to ensure compliance with the TCPA.  Telemarketing regulations are very complex.  And with this complexity, there is bound to be some confusion.  Here are 7 common TCPA misconceptions that I’ve observed.

#1 – B2B calls do not need to comply with the TCPA

Wrong.  B2B calls are not exempt from all provisions of the TCPA.  There are many aspects of the TCPA that need to be followed with B2B calls.  Here are two areas:

  • Calling Wireless Numbers: Some level of consent is required in order to use an automatic telephone dialing system (ATDS) when calling any wireless telephone number, regardless if the call is B2B.
  • Call Abandonment: Call abandonment rules apply to all types of telemarketing calls, regardless if you are calling consumers or businesses.   Telemarketers are not allowed to abandon more than 3% of live answered calls per campaign per 30-day period.  A call is considered abandoned if a live agent does is not connected within 2 seconds of the person completing their greeting.  If a call is abandoned, it is required that a recorded message play promptly.  This recorded message must include the name and phone number of the seller, state that the call is for telemarketing purposes and not contain any type of solicitation.  The message must also allow the person being called to place their number on the DNC list (See misconception #6).

#2 – Non-sales calls do not need to comply with the TCPA

Wrong.  Regardless of the reason for the call, if you call a wireless number, you must have either Prior Express Consent or Prior Express Written Consent if calling using an automated telephone dialing system (ATDS).   Some companies think that information calls and surveys are exempt from the TCPA.  This is not right when it comes to placing calls to wireless phone numbers.

#3 – Numbers that are ported from wireline to wireless are not considered wireless numbers

Wrong.  Telemarketers must subscribe to iconective to proactively identify numbers that have ported from landline to wireless.  Lucky for the industry, we have a 15 day grace period to identify the ported numbers and update our calling lists.

#4 – If a number is reassigned from one wireless subscriber to another, you can claim “safe harbor”

Wrong.  In the 2015 TCPA Declaratory Ruling, the FCC made it clear that if a wireless number is reassigned, it is the company’s responsibility to identify that and remove the wireless number from its calling list.   A very limited safe harbor was provided which only protects the first call to a re-assigned number, no matter what the outcome of the call is.  Also note that those that receive phone calls from telemarketers have no duty to tell the telemarketer that the phone numbers has been reassigned.  Huh.  Are you getting the feeling that the FCC doesn’t like us?

#5 – If a company uses a 3rd party to make telemarketing calls, the company does not need to worry about TCPA

Wrong.  The FCC made it clear in the Declaratory Ruling that sellers using an outsourced telemarketing company may be vicariously liable under federal common law agency-related principles.  Therefore ultimately it is the responsibility of every organization to monitor and enforce the compliance of companies that call on their behalf.  This can be done in many ways including audits of call detail records, listening to call recordings, and onsite visits.

#6 – A seller or telemarketer can offer the option to press “X” for the next available agent during the abandon call message in order to process DNC requests

Wrong.  Abandon call message must have an automated interactive voice and/or key-press activated opt-out mechanism that enables a DNC request before terminating the call.  This process must automatically add the phone number to the internal DNC list and end the call immediately.  Offering to transfer the person to the next available agent is not allowed.

#7 – TCPA does not apply to text messages

Wrong.  The FCC has stated that a text (or SMS) is considered the same as a phone call under the TCPA.

Is your call center and/or outsourced telemarketing company fully compliant with the TCPA?  Call us today to learn more about our TCPA call center consulting services and how we can help you to reduce your risk and become more TCPA compliant.

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