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Compensation Plans for Sales Agents

The world of outsourced telemarketing and B2B telemarketing has changed drastically over the last 15 years. The day to day world of a sales agent is different now as well, and is there any doubt that it has only gotten more difficult as time goes on? So, why do so many B2B telemarketing call centers insist on paying like it is 15 years ago? I say many, as it isn’t fair to lump everyone in the same boat. Many have adjusted, but not all. Continue reading

Why an At-Home Model Works for Outsourced Telemarketing

Some outsourced telemarketing programs don’t thrive in traditional call centers or in the traditional call center model. In fact, at Quality Contact Solutions we’ve found that complex business to business sales programs often get higher return on investment (ROI) in an At-Home model. Why is that? Continue reading

Advantages of Outsourced Telemarketing

Outsourced Telemarketing Easy ButtonConducting an effective B2B telemarketing program is no easy feat. A great B2B telemarketing campaign requires motivated, dedicated, and highly trained sales staff. And don’t forget experienced management and top of the line technology. Meeting all of these requirements can become an issue for any business focused on growth because of the time, effort, and expertise necessary to run a successful telemarketing program. Internal telesales efforts have the potential to strain even the most dedicated and experienced inside sales team, which is why many organizations turn to outsourced telemarketing for a portion or all of their telemarketing efforts. Continue reading