Why I Love My Team

by Nathan Teahon, Vice President I love my team. I suppose a lot of people say that, but how many really mean it? If they do mean it, do they understand why? That question of why is very important, particularly when an organization is growing. It takes a team to grow, and you can only […]

QCS Appoints Director of Marketing and Product Development

March 6, 2017 (Aurora, NE) Quality Contact Solutions, Inc. (QCS) a contact center specializing in B2B sales has appointed Rich Hamilton, CECP to Director of Marketing and Product Development. In his new role, Rich will be leading the marketing efforts for the company as well as overseeing new product development. “We’re thrilled to announce this […]

Rev Up Your Outbound Marketing Dialing Strategies

by A.J. Windle, Director of Operations Outbound Marketing is a performance driven channel and everyone is working to pull the right levers to maximize results. Think of it like a NASCAR race, just like there are hundreds of cars vying for the winning position there are hundreds of Outsourced Telemarketing firms looking to produce the […]

Maximize Results With B2B Outbound Marketing

by Ryan Apodac, Operations Manager & Training Leader “What’s the Secret Sauce?” is a common question that is asked when I start working with a new client. The answer is: There is no simple answer to that question. Of course there are a multitude of variables to evaluate in B2B marketing campaigns to maximize performance, […]