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Outbound Marketing from Good to Great: A B2B Case Study

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By A.J. Windle, Senior Operations Manager

Wins and losses. In a world driven by sales, they’re how we are measured. I, like every other person I know, love to win and hate to lose. Whether the scoreboard is based on revenue per hour, sales per hour, completes per hour, or any of the other metrics that we track in the telemarketing services industry, there is always one standout metric that your client will consider a win. Knowing that metric means the difference between winning or losing. But how do you find that metric? How do you evaluate it, benchmark it, and improve it? Business demands continual growth, so how can you continue to deliver sales results once you’ve already hit previously outlined goals?

The answer to finding this “magic sauce” is to always be proactive. The first step is to hit your goals. Once you’ve accomplished those goals, set new goals and hit those. Even when you think you’re on top and doing well, “good” isn’t always “great”.
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Increased Outbound Telemarketing Answer Rates

Increasing Outbound Telemarketing Answer Rates with Local Caller ID

Using Local Caller ID services in outbound telemarketing has proven successful for increasing answer rates in the call center. We are sharing our experience with a client that implemented Local Caller ID services.


The client markets its services to consumers in the lower 48 states.  Outbound B2C telemarketing is the primary sales channel used by the organization.  The outbound telemarketing manager was challenged with decreasing outbound telemarketing answer rates, which was ultimately impacting contacts per hour and list penetration on their campaigns.

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