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Angela Garfinkel Receives PACE Fulcrum Award

PACE CEO Phil Grudzinski recognized Angela Garfinkel for customer engagement leadership

Angela received Fulcrum AwardAURORA, NE – (May 9, 2012) – The Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) CEO Phil Grudzinski awarded Angela Garfinkel with the prestigious Fulcrum Award during its annual convention in Hollywood, Florida last week. As an introduction to the award, Mr. Grudzinski noted that Angela is an active member in PACE, on the Midwest Chapter board of directors for many years, is actively involved as a Self-Regulatory Organization auditor and holds the designation for Customer Engagement Professional. The award is inscribed with the words, “With you as our Fulcrum, PACE has been able to move the world. Thank you.”

PACE is the new name for the American Teleservices Association (ATA). The change from ATA to PACE was unveiled during the convention and signifies the call center industry’s movement toward customer engagement across multiple channels in the contact center, including telephone, web, chat, email, SMS text, social media interactions, customer preference management and more. While the telephone is still an important component in customer engagement, it is no longer a stand-alone channel.

Quality Contact Solutions was well-represented at the PACE convention. Angela was the moderator for a general session presentation which clarified the new FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act rules and included featured speakers Jane Bulman from Comcast, Michele Shuster from MacMurrary Peterson and Shuster, and Mitch Roth from Roth Doner Jackson PLC. In addition, Angela’s partner and QCS’ Chief Operating Officer, Dean Garfinkel was a featured speaker and also participated in the quarterly board of directors meeting. Dean also serves on the PACE board’s executive committee as treasurer.

 About Quality Contact Solutions:

Quality Contact Solutions (QCS) provides business to business Telemarketing and Call Center Solutions. QCS helps companies get more contacts and increase the quality of their contacts. We offer the solutions to make the most of your b to b contact center dollars by providing telemanagement, consulting, regulatory guidance and technology solutions.

QCS helps clients with inbound, outbound, txt and email programs with a focus on increasing sales, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing cost per. Our value-added approach ensures each customer contact is enhanced through higher quality and ultimately more productivity. Industry veterans Angela Morris and Dean Garfinkel bring more than 50 years of experience to their clients.  www.qualitycontactsolutions.com

Company Contact:

Angela Garfinkel (previously Angela Morris)


Quality Contact Solutions, Inc.

(402) 210-2692, Ext 201

 [email protected]

Quality Contact Solutions recognized by First Lady Michelle Obama

Quality Contact Solutions Joining Forces

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke out in Washington in April 2012 about the progress of the Joining Forces campaign – an initiative set out to help support military families and veterans across the U.S.

She recognized several organizations that have played a vital role in the progress of Joining Forces including jobs4america, a coalition of call centers that have pledged over 15,000 jobs specifically for spouses and families of those in the military over the next 2 years. Of these key commitments, included is Quality Contact Solutions.

“We have always felt that military spouses would make excellent employees. As a completely virtual company, we can offer military spouses a career that is portable—they can take it with them when they move. In addition, military spouses are conscientious, hard-working, ambitious individuals. We believe they fit with our culture very well,” stated Dean Garfinkel, Chief Operating Officer for Quality Contact Solutions.

For more information about the Joining Forces program, www.whitehouse.gov/joiningforces.

Dean Garfinkel Named Treasurer of ATA

Aurora, Nebraska – Quality Contact Solutions’ Chief Operating Officer, Dean Garfinkel has been selected to serve as Treasurer of the American Teleservices Association (ATA). In his new capacity as an Officer and Treasurer of the association Dean will continue to serve the membership promoting the channel. As an eight year veteran of the National Board of Directors he has been instrumental in developing and implementing the Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO), which has been credited by the Federal Trade Commission as a positive step in the teleservices industry in addition to many other board initiatives.

Dean Garfinkel joined the Quality Contact Solutions team in 2010 as Chief Operating Officer. In addition, Dean leads Quality Voice & Data, Inc. and Quality Online Solutions, Inc. divisions as President.

Well-known within the telecommunications and teleservices industries, Dean has more than 30 years experience in a wide-range of technologies, including TDM, SS7, IP, SIP, WIFI and Wireless, and specializes in value-added solution development. Garfinkel invented TeleBlock®, a patented call routing system, which has become a national telecom standard and is sold by telecom carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Qwest and PaeTec. He is a leading expert on telecommunications, CallerID and Do Not Call compliance, and is a regular speaker within the industry circuit.

About Quality Contact Solutions:

Headquartered in Aurora, Nebraska, QCS and its divisions, QCS Telemanagement, QCS At Home, Quality Online Solutions, and Quality Voice & Data, create customized in-house and outsourced call center solutions to boost inbound, outbound, or online call center results. A value-added approach ensures each customer contact is enhanced through higher quality and increased productivity.

For more information about Quality Contact Solutions, please visit qualitycontactsolutions.com.

About the American Teleservices Association:

The ATA is the only non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of companies that utilize call centers as an integral channel of operations. Founded in 1983, ATA represents more than 4,000 contact centers that account for over 1.8 million professionals worldwide. For more information at the ATA, please visit ataconnect.org.

Angela Morris Receives ATA CEP Designation

Aurora, Nebraska –  Quality Contact Solutions announced that Angela Morris, President of Quality Contact Solutions (“QCS”), has been awarded the designation of Customer Engagement Professional from the American Teleservices Association (“ATA”).

The Customer Engagement Professional designation is the culmination of Ms. Morris’ active involvement in the ATA at both the national and chapter levels.  Ms. Morris frequently speaks at industry events on call center performance improvement, productivity and compliance.  Ms. Morris is also certified as an ATA Self Regulatory Organization auditor.  Ms. Morris has been an ATA member since 1992 and was a founding member of the ATA Midwest Chapter board where she currently serves as marketing chair. 

As a recognized industry leader with more than 20 years of experience, Ms. Morris views Customer Engagement Professional designation as a valuable program that will encourage education, participation and leadership within the call center and teleservices industries.  Ms. Morris noted, “I am fortunate to work throughout the call center industry with some exceptionally talented and dedicated people.  Often-times those people are not formally recognized.  The Customer Engagement Professional designation gives professionals at all levels within an organization an opportunity to work towards and attain formal recognition.” 

Angela Morris and Quality Contact Solutions:  Angela Morris is the Founder of Quality Contact Solutions and holds B.S. in Telecommunications Management, an MBA, and is a certified ATA-Self Regulatory Organization auditor.  Quality Contact Solutions and its divisions, QCS Telemanagement, QCS At Home, Quality Online Solutions, and Quality Voice & Data, create customized in-house and outsourced call center solutions to boost inbound, outbound, or online call center results. A value-added approach ensures each customer contact is enhanced through higher quality and increased productivity.  For more information about Quality Contact Solutions, please visit qualitycontactsolutions.com

Customer Engagement Professional Designation Program: The Customer Engagement Professional (“CEP”) Designation program is jointly managed by the American Teleservices Association and its partner, The Taylor Institute of Direct Marketing at the University of Akron.  The CEP program is the first-ever professional designation for customer engagement.  CEP designation is designed to recognize members of the ATA who have completed a series of educational events and activities and have tested into this elite group of professionals. The designation is available to all ATA Members and Associate Members across all business units.   



QCS Conducts ATA-SRO Audit for Synergy Solutions

Quality Contact Solutions’ President, Angela Morris announced that the firm has completed its second American Teleservices Association Self-Regulatory Organization (ATA-SRO) audit. Synergy Solutions, Inc. successfully met all ATA-SRO Accreditation criteria and was been approved by the SRO Trustees and the ATA Board of Directors.

According to Ms. Morris, the audit process went smoothly. “Synergy Solutions has been a long-time supporter of the ATA-SRO program. In fact, its President, Lori Fentem is active as an ATA board of director and ATA-SRO trustee. Completing this step in the process (being audited by an independent third party) just validated the compliance program that Synergy Solutions already had in place for the last few years,” stated Ms. Morris. Continue reading