Top Ten Tweaks for Peak Success

Angela Morris, QCS President, writes The Essential Outbound Call Center Checklist:  Top Ten Tweaks for Peak Success

June 2009

If you’re like most call center managers, your daily routine is relatively consistent. Most likely, you haven’t recently taken the time to evaluate what is working and what needs to be changed.

Typical call center organizations and the employees within those organizations have ways of doing things that are tightly woven in the fabric of their operations. It’s difficult to tell why things are done a certain way – they just are. After all, when something is working, why change it? Or why even question it, for that matter? Call center operations success requires a delicate balance of many components, and it is often best to leave things alone. However, with careful evaluation you can tweak your call center practices and set up your team for even more success. Continue reading

What is Telemanagement?

Angela Garfinkel featured author in Connections Magazine with “What is Telemanagement?”

By Angela Garfinkel

Telemanagement is a term that describes the practice of managing inbound or outbound telemarketing programs for clients that outsource them to one or more external service providers. Typically the telemanagement function is performed by an external third party that has 100% responsibility for the results of one or more external service providers.

What Services Are Provided by a Telemanagement Company? Typical services provided include needs analysis and vendor selection. They will generally develop a training curriculum specific to your products or services, as well as the scripting, call guides, and tools needed by the telephone agents. Once the program is in place, they will provide daily reporting and data analysis, data transmittals, call monitoring, and program analysis. Continue reading