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Outbound Marketing for the Automotive Industry

By Heather Dubas, Senior Operations Manager

outbound marketing a lot of bright colored cars in a lotWalking into a car dealership can be stressful, but also very exciting! One of the biggest purchases you can make is a new vehicle. We all want one and most of us do not get the opportunity often since it is such a big expense. When we do purchase a new car, many times it will come with a maintenance plan that you purchase or is provided by the dealership or manufacturer. We all lead busy lives and remembering to make those maintenance appointments can be put on the back burner until it may be too late. There is nothing worse than seeing that light come on your dash and know that you need to go in right away for an oil change or tire rotation and not have time for a few weeks. Now your new car will suffer and its longevity may be compromised, as well as your bank account. The last thing, as an owner or manager at a dealership, you want your employees doing is spending precious time making calls to customers when they could be out selling or servicing vehicles. Quality Contact Solutions is here to help dealerships with outsourced telemarketing to follow up on sales and service by reaching out to your customers to ensure that they had a positive sales experience and also help them with those reminders of maintenance that they may forget about within their busy daily lives. Here are some key factors in how we can help with your outbound marketing. Continue reading