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A Third Party Can Maximize Outbound Telemarketing Results

By Angela Garfinkel, President and Founder of Quality Contact Solutions

Using a third party organization that performs the telemanagement function will increase your outsourced telemarketing program performance nine times out of 10. There are three distinct reasons for the increase in performance. Continue reading

Helping You Achieve Your Supplier Diversity Goals – WBENC Certified

Red Businesswoman leading a teamBy Angela Garfinkel, President and Founder

Did you know that Quality Contact Solutions is certified as a Woman Owned Business? While this may not be key information for you, your company’s procurement team may find this information extremely beneficial. Since 2009, QCS has completed a rigorous assessment by the certifying agency, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council or WBENC.

Most large organizations have Supplier Diversity goals. Using Quality Contact Solutions as your outsourced telemarketing services vendor can help your organization achieve its supplier diversity goals. Companies like United Health Group and Allstate Insurance count on QCS to help them achieve their goals, including the procurement team’s Supplier Diversity goals. Continue reading

The QCS Story: How We Redefined Telemarketing Services

telemarketing services

By Angela Garfinkel, President

When I was a student at the University of Nebraska-Kearney (Lopers, not Huskers!), my advisor told me that people with professional skills were needed in this hot new industry: telemarketing. While it was a very short-lived program in the late 80’s, I’m one of the few — the proud — the graduate of a four-year college with a degree in telemarketing. And when I say, “few”, I’m serious. Continue reading

Outsourced Telemarketing: Telemanagement vs. Brokering

At Quality Contact Solutions, we call our primary solution, “telemanagement”.  We differentiate ourselves from brokers by staying 100% involved from start to finish and on a daily basis with each outsourced telemarketing program.   Typically, the role of the broker is to evaluate the client requirements and recommend one or more companies that could be a potential fit for the outsourced telemarketing program.  The broker typically collects its fee (typically 5% to 10% of ongoing revenues) from the outsourced call center, making the service free for the client. Continue reading

Key Advantages

What is a Key Advantage? By definition, it is a core competitive advantage.

Understanding your company’s key advantages allows you to focus on your strengths. If telemarketing is not a strength, that’s where QCS comes in.  By choosing to partner with QCS for your B2B telemarketing programs, you will benefit from outsourcing to a partner with these Key Advantages:

QCS Key #1:  Exceptional “Proof of Concept” and Testing Resources

QCS has an internal outbound business to business call center which consists of 75 full-time dedicated employees.  These employees work on a combination established client programs and new opportunities that are in the “proof of concept” or “testing” phase.

QCS Key #2:  Project Management Services

QCS provides proactive oversight for your telemarketing campaigns.  QCS works closely with the call centers’ staff on a daily basis to achieve the best results, and then communicates back to you.  Our clients appreciate being informed without having to be overly involved.

QCS Key #3:  Exceptional Knowledge and Insight

Our management team has over 75 years of combined telemarketing experience. QCS can offer ideas and strategies to obtain maximum results from your telemarketing campaign.  Having experience from both the vendor and client side, QCS is in a unique position to work with each client to achieve optimal campaign performance.

QCS Key #4:   Greater Value

QCS is in a position to negotiate “wholesale” rates with telemarketing vendors when a program requires added call center resources.  For about what you would pay going directly to the call center, you get the added value of the QCS team’s experience and expertise managing your campaign for you, giving you better performance with less of your time invested.

QCS Key #5:   Greater Capacity

Because we work with multiple call centers, QCS has the capacity to fulfill all your telemarketing needs.  We will place your campaign with the call center best suited to perform your campaign.

QCS Key #6:  One Call Service

QCS is a one-call destination.  There is no need to call several vendors to check their capacity, determine their performance capabilities, and negotiate pricing for each campaign.  This is a service provided by QCS.

QCS Key #7:  Solid Reputation

QCS’ reputation is one of uncompromising integrity, superior performance, and friendly professionalism.  Our clients have learned they can trust QCS to speak plainly and truthfully about every aspect of a campaign.  Our approach has always been that of a consultant and advocate for our clients.