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Telesales Best Practices: Start with these 3 things in your telesales training

telesales best practicesBy Angela Garfinkel, President

When it comes to telesales best practices, evaluating your training program is typically at the top of the to-do list.

Telesales training can be painful, both for the trainees and for the trainer.  Why is it so painful?  Primarily because the training is typically not very effective.  Here are three ideas that will immediately improve your telesales training. Continue reading

How Much Training is Too Much in Outbound Telemarketing?

By Ryan Apodac, Operations Manager/Trainer

Outbound telemarketing Congratulations! You oversee a team of outbound telemarketing appointment setters in a call center. The bad news is that for the past 3 months, booked appointments have steadily declined. As a result, you schedule a training session, then another training session, and finally when things aren’t improving, yet another training session. Things still aren’t improving, and you now begin to see your attrition increase, your employees are losing focus, and sales are dropping. What’s the problem? You trained them, didn’t you? The problem is that your issue may not require training at all. You may be contributing to the problem by over-training your outbound telemarketing appointment setters.

How do you know when you are over-training your outbound telemarketing appointment setters? Call center agents will start to exhibit some of the above signs when you have given them too much training. Over-training is an expensive mistake that too many in our industry make. Continue reading

Successful training in membership renewals telemarketing

By Heather Dubas, Senior Operations Manager

membership renewals telemarketing training tipsI have been a part of the telemarketing world for many years and work with a wide array of different clients, but I always get excited when I find out that Quality Contact Solutions landed a new client that needs help with membership retention outbound telemarketing calls. Associations provide many valuable benefits as part of their value proposition to their members. From certification programs to meetings and conventions, to networking, associations are ideally positioned to meet the unique needs of their specific members.

Because of this, members don’t like to see their memberships lapse or if they do, they really appreciate the reminder to get it renewed. This provides a very pleasant experience for our front-line telemarketing agents because the people that they will be talking to welcome these calls! Agents line up for spots on association membership renewal campaigns and the training that we give them is critical to ensure success for everyone involved. Here are some key tips for getting a membership renewal campaign off to a great start: Continue reading

Successful B2B Telemarketing Services Starts With Training

Developing Front Line Training For a New B2B Telemarketing Program Launch

By: Ryan Apodac, Operations Manager & Training Leader

a-diagram-of-skill-setsLaunching a new B2B telemarketing program is an arduous task. Countless hours and good ole fashioned blood, sweat and tears are essential. In addition to developing good training for the front-line telemarketing services agents, the organization must also design the scripting, dispositions, rebuttals, and programming requirements. The startup list goes on and on. Each item on the startup list is pivotal in launching a successful new B2B telemarketing program in an outsourced telemarketing services environment. However, all of the hard work and attention to detail in the setup phase will be for nothing without a successful training program for the front line representatives.

I believe there are 3 primary components to developing a strong B2B telemarketing training program. They are script training, systems training and product knowledge training. Continue reading

QCS Ensures Telemarketing Programs Get Ongoing Training

Training and Development for Telemarketing Services AgentsBy Ryan Apodac, Trainer

You hire a new telemarketing employee. The telemarketing employee (a telephone sales agent) completes their new-hire training and is officially ready to be released into the wild to use the tools they now have on their own. What is wrong with this picture?

Having a training process to onboard new employees is a necessity, but ongoing training can be even more critical. What about their training needs as time goes on? What happens in a few weeks, months or even a year down the road? In the Telemarketing Services business, the key to front-line telemarketing agent success is to continuously grow.  The true definition of insanity is continuing to do the same things and expecting a different outcome. To expect your B2B Telemarketing agents to exceed their current production with the same tools they’ve had since day one is insane! Here are the Top 5 reasons ongoing training is crucial for all telemarketing services agents. Continue reading