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7 Ways To Evaluate Outbound Call Center Teams

outbound call centerBy Michelle Perry, Operations Manager

When evaluating your outbound call center team’s performance, there are a few things you must ask yourself.

    • Have you given them clear and concise goals?
    • Do you have metrics in place so you can measure and track key performance indicators (KPI’s)?
    • Is your team communicating with you frequently?
    • Are you communicating updates to your team frequently?

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8 Key Metrics Telemarketing Companies Need To Evaluate Performance

By Melissa Hinrichs, Director of Client Service

Telemarketing CompaniesOne of the key factors for telemarketing companies to manage an outbound telemarketing campaign is being able to measure how the program is going. Is it succeeding? Is it failing? Are there issues with the script, the leads, or the agents? These are questions we need to ask each and every day.

Many factors go in to making a program successful. For telemarketing companies and the world of reporting, it is important that we supply the team with all of the information they need to evaluate the program from top to bottom in an easy to read report. This way they have the data and can make the necessary adjustments to ensure a successful program for both the call center and the client. Continue reading

How to Determine Inbound Service Level Goals

By Shannelle Krebbs, Operations Manager

Inbound Service Level GoalsDetermining inbound service level goals is one of the most important factors for anyone responsible for the inbound call center function. Determining the right inbound service level goal is not straight forward. A study conducted by AT&T 30 years ago determined that 80% of calls should be answered in 20 seconds or less. This was based off research that indicated that many callers would hang up the call after waiting for 20 seconds. Referred to as the 80/20 rule, this began the foundation for determining benchmarks for inbound service level standards. This study was conducted before the majority of inbound call centers implemented technology that is considered standard today, including Integrated Voice Response (IVR), Priority Queueing for high value customers based on the phone number they are calling from, In-Queue expected wait time announcements and In-Queue self-service options. Continue reading

Inbound Call Goals in Call Center Outsourcing

By Shannon Svasek, Operations Manager

Call Center OutsourcingHow do inbound calls enhance outbound call programs? Many companies have an inbound customer service number. Customers can and do call in for a wide variety of reasons. They need to order an item or service, maybe they are unhappy with that item or service and wish to get a refund or perhaps to check the status of an order to name a few. But how do those inbound calls enhance the outbound call programs those businesses may be running? We will talk about that in a moment, but before any of that can happen you must have one really important piece – a great team! Continue reading

Best Daily Report Template for Outsource Telemarketing

By Melissa Oberle, Client Services Specialist

Outsource Telemarketing ReportOne of the biggest challenges with outsource telemarketing programs is how to measure performance. It’s not always adequate to measure program performance on a monthly or weekly basis. Sometimes the performance needs to be evaluated daily. If you are serious about making such an assessment, below is an example of a good daily report template for an outbound marketing program. It is essential to measure and track performance from the start of any outsource telemarketing program.

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