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Quality Monitoring Guidelines for Telemarketing Services

By Marcia Jenkins, Senior Operations Manager

Chalk_board_with_do_and_dont_wrote_on_it_with_cup_of_coffee_and_computerIf you have ever been a sales agent in a seat making or taking calls for a telemarketing services company or an outsourced telemarketing company, you have a good idea of what the primary Do’s and Don’ts for Quality Monitoring are. Sales agents know first hand what helps or possibly hinders their improvement. A good frontline telemarketing sales agent wants nothing more than to succeed, so they thrive on that feedback to get better. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts for quality monitoring as compiled by the telemarketing sales agents themselves. Continue reading

Telemarketing Quality Assurance: Lessons Learned

What I learned from monitoring thousands of calls last year

By Heather Dubas, Operations Manager

A new program has started in your call center.  Everything has gone as planned.  Set up- check, training- check, calls begin- check.  Now there are recordings piling up that you must listen to and critique, making sure quality is at its best.  This can be a long and daunting task.  As an Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions, last year I listened to thousands of calls.  To make my monitoring time more productive, I’ve created my own cheat sheet of best practices.  First off, I believe that telemarketing quality assurance is the heartbeat of any outsourced telemarketing program and if it flat lines, it can be the death of it.  Here are the top 5 things to consider when creating quality assurance processes for any telemarketing program, whether its B2B telemarketing or B2C telemarketing: Continue reading

Monitoring Your Salespeoples’ Gatekeeper Skills

Is your business to business telesales program performing below par?  What’s wrong?  This could literally be a million dollar question.  It could be any number of things.  Most smart telesales managers will tend to look at the pitch, the offer, the close, or perhaps the call list. It could be any of those things.  Those are great variables to constantly evaluate and many times a small adjustment will yield tremendous results.  However, one of the most overlooked pieces of the equation can be successfully getting past the gatekeeper to a decision maker.  In fact, I’ve found that most often getting to a decision maker is 75% of the battle.

So, if that is true, why is it one of the last things to be evaluated?   Continue reading