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QCS Announces Sponsorship at Upcoming PACE Orlando Convention


Quality Contact Solutions (QCS) is proud to sponsor the upcoming PACE Convention in Orlando, FL April 3-5, 2016. PACE is an acronym for Professional Association for Customer Engagement. QCS has been an active member for nearly 10 years. QCS owners, Dean & Angela Garfinkel, have been active PACE supporters for 15+ years. Dean currently serves as the Treasurer on the PACE National Board of Directors. Angela currently serves as the Marketing Chair on the PACE Central Chapter Board of Directors. Continue reading

Effectively Leveraging Telemarketing Services to Qualify Leads

outsourced telemarketing data collectionBy Ryan Adopac, Trainer

Generating qualified sales leads is challenging. One common method of generating sales leads is cold calling a purchased prospect list. But let’s face it: cold calls are not pleasant. In order to maximize a professional sales team’s effectiveness, many companies leverage a telemarketing services firm to conduct the cold calls to qualify sales leads. The use of an outside firm is called outsourcing.

My background is in telemarketing and telemarketing lead generation, with a particular focus on B2B telemarketing. Specifically, I work with our operations managers to conduct training for all new and existing client programs. With that background and experience, I’ve observed that some programs are less successful than others. As I look for similarities and differences between the programs, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are 5 key pitfalls that can cause a potentially successful telemarketing lead generation program to fail. Continue reading

In-house vs. Outsourced Telemarketing Services Cost Comparison

outsourced telemarketing data collection

By Angela Garfinkel, President

When an organization is considering the use of outsourced telemarketing, the often unstated question is “how does the quoted cost compare to my internal cost if I choose to build a team in-house?”. That is a valid question and one that should be addressed. The key is to identify all of the cost components to ensure an apples to apples telemarketing services cost comparison. Continue reading

Outsourced Telemarketing: Data Collection Best Practices

outsourced telemarketing data collectionBy Melissa Hinrichs, Director of Client Services

I work for an outsourced telemarketing company, so my point of view is relevant to that distinct niche. If you work in a different telemarketing niche, don’t despair. My advice is also relevant for anyone that is working with capturing data from an inbound or outbound telemarketing program (particularly if you represent the vendor side).

Capturing data during a telemarketing call seems pretty straight forward. The telemarketing agent simply types in what the customer says. Seems pretty basic, doesn’t it? However, as we get into analyzing data and running reports from that data, it becomes evident that the more streamlined the data capture process, the better the data is. Below are 4 basic steps I like to follow when setting up the data capture process with any new telemarketing program. Continue reading

Telemarketing Vendor Selection: Finding a B2B Call Center

Telemarketing-Vendor-Selection-Finding-b2b-call-center.jpgBy Nathan Teahon, VP of Operations

Finding a B2B call center honestly isn’t that difficult. Finding the right B2B call center is something that can be a little bit tricky. Also, nothing is worse than finding the wrong B2B call center. So, let’s say that you already have a call center in mind but you know very little about that organization. Of course the first step is going to be having a conversation with the key players within that organization. You have two primary objectives during that initial conversation.  The first objective is to identify if you can  see yourself working with the key players within the organization.  The second objective is to make sure the organization meets your non-negotiable requirements.  I like to call that “check box time”.   If  certain boxes aren’t checked, regardless of how great the organization and the key players seem, they might not even be an option for you. Finding that out sooner rather than later saves everyone a lot of time. The list of boxes to check will vary depending on what you are looking for and why you are going through a telemarketing vendor selection process. However, here are some of the things that are going to be most important: Continue reading