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Maximize your Membership renewals with Outbound Marketing

by A.J. Windle, Director of Operations

picture of black dress shoes and an arrow pointing left at the work Past and another arrow pointing right at the word FutureOver the years I have had the pleasure of working with many great non-profit associations. Their lifeblood is membership and every great association’s goal is to maximize their membership renewals. In a perfect world 100% of an association’s current members would renew on an annual basis, allowing the association to focus on new growth and providing value-added services to the membership. Well, this isn’t a perfect world and there are always a percentage of members that decide not to renew or forget to renew each year. For this reason, associations must allocate a portion of their marketing dollars on membership retention. Plus, the cost of renewing an existing member is far lower than the cost of acquiring a new member. It just makes good business sense. Quality Contact Solutions has extensive experience in assisting non-profit organizations and associations with achieving their membership renewal goals via outbound telemarketing. We have helped many associations maximize Continue reading

Outbound Marketing Success starts with Great Vendors

by Heather Dubas, Senior Operations Manager

Vendor Spotlight: CTC Teleservices

Why QCS loves working with CTC Teleservices

orange_and_green_triangles_ with_images_of_teamworkIn the outbound marketing industry, we have many options when choosing a call center to work with for our clients. Although Quality Contact Solutions has many great call centers that we work with, CTC Teleservices in DeKalb, IL., is a valued partner that is always at the top of our list to work with when a new program develops. At QCS, we put value in worthwhile work and so does CTC. Whether it is sales, surveys, appointment setting or strictly informational calls, CTC can perform well on all levels for our clients. Quality Contact Solutions is celebrating our 10th Anniversary in 2017 and CTC has been in the call center business for well over 20 years, showing that both QCS and CTC have strong staying power in an ever-changing outbound marketing industry. CTC has been a partner for majority of our 10 years, helping us execute some of our most successful outbound marketing programs for our clients. Here are just a few of the reasons why we love working with them. Continue reading

How to Fix Your Outbound Marketing Program

By Nathan Teahon, Vice President

Human_hand_Pulling_up_bar_so_it_looks_like_business_increasingSo, you’re a Telemarketing Services manager overseeing an outbound marketing campaign. This campaign has proven successful in the past. Unfortunately, results are dropping. In the world of outsourced telemarketing, that just isn’t going to work. This needs to be fixed. However, you can’t fix anything until you diagnose what is broken. Continue reading

How to Create Inbound Telemarketing Incentives That Work

employee_receiving_awardby Kaela Heft, a Customer Service Supervisor

Managing Inbound incentives for Telemarketing Services can be pretty easy if you know your team, what they like, and what drives them. It’s also the fun part of the job, for both the frontline team and us as managers. It’s a tough job, and shame on us if we don’t take every opportunity we can to make the job more fun. Continue reading

Telemarketing Services Clients: Winning Every Day!

By A.J. Windle, Sr. Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions

Telemarketing Services starts with loveOver the years I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of outsourced telemarketing clients. These experiences have allowed me to work with an unprecedented mix of personalities and that experience is worth more than its weight in gold. Working with different people, personalities and management styles is what makes business fun. Even though each client is different, there are some really great attributes that I see consistently. These core attributes have been critical to the overall success of our outsource telemarketing programs. I call them the “Top 5 Reasons I Love Working With My Clients”. Continue reading