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Telemarketing Firm in Nebraska: Owner Operator Spotlight

By Heather Dubas, Senior Operations Manager

Owner Operator Location mapThe foundation of our call center operation is our owner-operated call centers. With 17+ owner-operator call centers throughout the U.S. and Canada; Quality Contact Solutions has the capacity and depth to conduct all types of outbound and inbound call center programs. Owner-operators are passionate about doing great work and hands-on, ensuring success on each client program.

With an outstanding list of clients, we’ve been fortunate to attract and work with the best owner-operators in the call center industry. One of our favorite owner-operators is a telemarketing firm in Nebraska. Worldwide Access Solutions, Inc. (WASI). Continue reading

Why Outsourced Telemarketing With Owner-Operators Is Best

By Nathan Teahon, Vice President

Outsourced TelemarketingFor over 10 years I have been part of the Quality Contact Solutions team and frequently one of the longest conversations I have with people outside of our organization is how our business model works. People generally understand what contact center vendors are and what outsourced telemarketing is. If they know those things they also understand the role of brokers in the telemarketing services and call center industry work as well. It’s hard for people to understand that there is something else that isn’t necessarily in the middle of those two but does lie somewhere in between.

Managed Outsourced Telemarketing: What is it?

Continue reading

Telemarketing Services Success Starts with Key Vendors

Key Vendor Spotlight: An Interview with Sam Falletta at Incept

by Nathan Teahon, Vice President of Operations

Over the years I have written a number of articles regarding vendor selection for telemarketing services. Outsourced telemarketing can be a treacherous endeavor if you don’t have the right partners. At Quality Contact Solutions, we have been fortunate to work with several great call center partners.two people sitting at t table with microphones in front of them

Below is a recent interview that I did with Sam Faletta, CEO of Incept in Canton, Ohio. Sam and his company have been valued partners for several years. They have a culture of quality that is top notch and in complete alignment with Quality Contact Solutions. It is fun to hear in his words why the partnership between our companies has proven to be successful for so long. Continue reading