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Outsourced Telemarketing: Considerations for When to Use

by Angela Garfinkel, President and Founder of Quality Contact Solutions

outsourced telemarketingThere are many considerations for determining whether your telemarketing services program would be best conducted internally in an in-house teleservices call center or with an outsourced telemarketing provider. There are many factors that should be considered as well as cost considerations for in-house vs outsourced. Continue reading

A Third Party Can Maximize Outbound Telemarketing Results

By Angela Garfinkel, President and Founder of Quality Contact Solutions

Using a third party organization that performs the telemanagement function will increase your outsourced telemarketing program performance nine times out of 10. There are three distinct reasons for the increase in performance. Continue reading

Considerations of Lead Gen through Outsourced Telemarketing

Great ideas for outsourced telemarketing lead generationWhen I speak with potential customers that are interested in outsourced telemarketing lead generation services, there are a couple of critical items we discuss with respect to what makes us successful. Organizations need the internal support to handle the volume of leads being generated. In addition to proper staffing internally, providing feedback on what is and isn’t working is essential for us to refine the process and send highly qualified leads.

I’ve spoken with many that think that by working with an outsourced telemarketing organization that you are “wiping” your hands and thinking that “they will handle it”. That’s where I argue… that particular line of thinking isn’t the collaborative partnership that either side wants. Continue reading

Use B2C Outsourced Call Centers As Part Of Your Sales Strategy

Outbound B2C telemarketing can be costly and difficult. You need time, a dedicated sales team large enough to suit your needs, the right technology, and highly trained management and supervision. Many organizations have turned to B2C outsourced call centers to successfully reach their B2C sales goals in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Save Resources, Cut B2C Telemarketing Costs

B2C Outsourced Call Centers Building BlocksB2C outsourced call centers are an efficient solution as they don’t require significant time on the part of your organization. They’re run by an outsourced partner with a highly trained and dedicated staff of managers, supervisors, and salespeople. This allows you to focus on other priorities within your organization, while knowing that your B2C campaign is in good hands.
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Existing Customer Cross-Sell Campaigns = Sales Success!

Trust and communication are the building blocks of any good relationship – and that includes the customer relationship. What better way to create trust with your customers than to find them additional products, services, and solutions with the potential to further suit their needs? Regular communication with your existing customers keeps you fresh in their minds, making it likelier that they will turn to your business when they are in need of added products and services.

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