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Inbound Calls Improve Outbound Marketing Program Results

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By Angela Garfinkel, President and Founder

In the 80’s and 90’s, outbound marketing agents never provided a direct callback phone number when placing outbound marketing calls. The response to the question, “Can I call you back?, was always something like,”I’m sorry, but I’m calling on an outbound line and I can’t receive inbound calls”. Another common response outbound agents were coached to use was “I’m sorry, but I’m on and off the phone constantly all day and it is very difficult to reach me. I’ll just give you our toll-free number and you can speak to anyone who answers the call.” Continue reading

Outbound Marketing Wireless Success Story

outbound marketingBy Heather Dubas, Operations Manager

Imagine that sinking feeling you get when you see the alerts and hear the warning sirens that bad weather is approaching. Those of you in the Midwest particularly will know what I am talking about. You realize a storm is heading right for you, and you worry, and try to think of everything you can do to prepare for the worst, but really just hope it will pass quickly. A feeling of helplessness overcomes you and you cannot even fathom what you will do to clean up the mess.

An equally destructive storm hit the outbound marketing industry on July 10, 2015 when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Declaratory Ruling. The biggest challenge that came with the TCPA Declaratory Ruling was the way that wireless numbers could be dialed. An autodialer (predictive dialer), the most efficient and cost effective way to make telemarketing calls, was no longer allowed to contact wireless numbers in many cases. A new way to reach these customers needed to be implemented. Life as we knew it the world of telemarketing would never be same, and we had to adapt to a new normal. Continue reading

Outbound Marketing from Good to Great: A B2B Case Study

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By A.J. Windle, Senior Operations Manager

Wins and losses. In a world driven by sales, they’re how we are measured. I, like every other person I know, love to win and hate to lose. Whether the scoreboard is based on revenue per hour, sales per hour, completes per hour, or any of the other metrics that we track in the telemarketing services industry, there is always one standout metric that your client will consider a win. Knowing that metric means the difference between winning or losing. But how do you find that metric? How do you evaluate it, benchmark it, and improve it? Business demands continual growth, so how can you continue to deliver sales results once you’ve already hit previously outlined goals?

The answer to finding this “magic sauce” is to always be proactive. The first step is to hit your goals. Once you’ve accomplished those goals, set new goals and hit those. Even when you think you’re on top and doing well, “good” isn’t always “great”.
Continue reading

Outbound Marketing Quality Monitoring Tools

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Is your company’s quality call monitoring all about the Quality Assurance (QA) form? Did the representative use a rebuttal? Check. Did the representative offer features and benefits? Check. Did the representative upsell/cross-sell? Check. Many outbound marketing companies use the QA form to simply check off the boxes, but effective call monitoring consists of much more than just going through the motions. Quality call monitoring should identify coaching opportunities to help your representatives be more successful, which will make your clients happier.   Continue reading

Telemarketing Services Defined

Telemarketing Services

By Nathan Teahon, V.P. of Operations

Telemarketing services programs can be categorized into several different types. Let’s start with Lead Generation and Lead Qualification. Many organizations find that Lead Generation / Lead Qualification are a successful and efficient practice that aids in qualifying prospects or potential buyers for specific products or services. Often times, this process is done independently from an established sales team. A typical B2B Telemarketing Lead Generation or Lead Qualification program consists of a series of questions that helps determine if that prospect is qualified and to what degree. From those results, leads can be funneled to the respective sales team and a pipeline of future opportunities can be created. Continue reading