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4 Reasons To Use Telemarketing Lead Generation Companies

By Ryan Apodac, Senior Operations Manager

Today, it is very common for organizations of all sizes to leverage telemarketing lead generation companies to help with lead generation efforts. Rather than internal sales teams facilitating the entire sales cycle from prospecting to close, telemarketing lead generation companies help fill a critical role in the sales process. They deliver highly qualified leads for sales teams to ultimately convert to a customer.

Let’s look at the top 4 reasons to use telemarketing lead generation companies.

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Augment Your Sales Pipeline: Outbound Lead Generation

By Megan Hottman, Brand Evangelist

Outbound lead generation One of the services we specialize in is outbound lead generation. We provide thousands of qualified leads to our clients on a daily basis. One of the activities that drives the demand for our services is pipeline management. In most organizations, sales pipeline management is an activity owned by the Sales VP or Director. We partner with those individuals to assist them with keeping their sales pipeline as full as possible – ensuring they are in a position to achieve their sales goals every month. Continue reading

Telemarketing Companies Generate Quality Leads

By Megan Hottman, Brand Evangelist

Telemarketing CompanyLet’s face it, the buying process has changed significantly for organizations. Potential customers are overwhelmed with so much noise from vendors and have done most of the research BEFORE we even come into the process. It’s important for us to find new and different ways to not just acquire leads and ultimately turn them into our customers, but also to examine our process of how we are treating our prospective customers while generating leads and moving through the cycle. With the abundance of information readily available online, businesses have become more comfortable with making decisions to purchase products and services online and over the phone. It’s imperative that we make every interaction count and really connect with our targets. The landscape today demands that the process of lead generation provides high quality and relevant information, understanding what business challenge you’re solving for and being diligent with follow up all while providing the best experience for your target. Continue reading

Effectively Leveraging Telemarketing Services to Qualify Leads

outsourced telemarketing data collectionBy Ryan Adopac, Trainer

Generating qualified sales leads is challenging. One common method of generating sales leads is cold calling a purchased prospect list. But let’s face it: cold calls are not pleasant. In order to maximize a professional sales team’s effectiveness, many companies leverage a telemarketing services firm to conduct the cold calls to qualify sales leads. The use of an outside firm is called outsourcing.

My background is in telemarketing and telemarketing lead generation, with a particular focus on B2B telemarketing. Specifically, I work with our operations managers to conduct training for all new and existing client programs. With that background and experience, I’ve observed that some programs are less successful than others. As I look for similarities and differences between the programs, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are 5 key pitfalls that can cause a potentially successful telemarketing lead generation program to fail. Continue reading

Telemarketing Lead Generation: 5 tips for High Quality Leads

Low,Medium,High Dial for Telemarketing Lead GenerationBy A.J. WIndle, Sr. Operations Manager

We exist because the world is driven by sales. Think about it. Everything we have is tied back to a sale that was made from a conversation that was had, which all started by generating that first lead. Let’s face it, most businesses have a goal to grow and in order to do that they need new leads and new opportunities.

So, what’s the magic sauce? How can you get more leads and how can you make sure that your sales team is capitalizing on those leads? Every business is different however I will tell you that after running hundreds of B2B Telemarketing lead generation programs, there are several processes that I believe will make sure your team is generating strong leads and that your sales team is capitalizing on those opportunities. Follow these tips and you are going to see improved results. Continue reading