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Is Being Telemarketing Compliance Certified Important?

By Rich Hamilton, Vice President of Compliance and Administration Services

telemarketing compliance certifiedFairly regularly we are asked details around members of our team being telemarketing compliance certified and what that means. To help explain why this certification is important for our business and industry, let me share an example we may all be able to relate to…

Let’s say you decide to remodel your kitchen. You want to totally redo the entire space. You will need a carpenter, an electrician, and a plumber for starters. How will you choose the electrician?

  • Will you go with someone that is certified and understands the local, state and federal building codes?
  • Would you use a family friend that could probably do the job for a lower price but with a little added risk? What’s the worst that can happen, a light switch doesn’t work? (Actually, it could mean an electrical fire and your home might burn down.)
  • Is it worth the risk?

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QCS Named Top Outbound Service Provider by Clutch

Quality Contact Solutions (QCS) was recognized as a leading outbound services provider. To attain this position, QCS underwent a thorough analysis involving a variety of factors. Business analysts at Clutch, a ratings and reviews firm in Washington, DC, evaluated hundreds of companies across the world providing outbound services. Analysts took multiple criteria in their research, including the services a company provides, market presence within the outbound industry, and quality of work portrayed through verified client reviews. QCS made it into the top 10 list for best B2B appointment setting services, telemarketing, and B2B lead generation services.

Clutch B2bClutch LogoClutch Telemarketing Award






The central reason for QCS’s leadership position regards client reviews. Clutch analysts conducted comprehensive interviews compromised of elements that would help identify companies as high performers in the outbound industry. From these reviews, QCS proved to be an impressive service provider in ability to deliver exceptional results, increase sales, provide attentive customer service, and manage projects with efficiency.

Obtaining this position was no easy feat. As a company, QCS focuses on having dedicated, knowledgeable, and customer service oriented teams to provide exceptional results for each client. Delivering high-quality outbound services requires a mission to surpass client expectations, in which we are committed to and now recognized for.

Clients look to QCS for effective solutions to their business goals, and we proactively work to achieve them. To see firsthand what our clients had to say about our services and quality of work, we invite you to visit QCS’s Clutch profile. A few noteworthy comments include:

“Their time management is strong.” – IT Firm

“They have a strong capacity and are easy to use.” – Transportation Company

“[QCS] improved our revenue 23%.” – Products Firm

QCS Now Qualified for Government Call Center Contracts

Government Call Center Contract with agents typing on computers in a call centerAugust 29, 2017 (Aurora, NE) – Quality Contact Solutions (QCS) registered as a Federal Contractor, both as a certified woman owned and as a small business enterprise. QCS will qualify for contract dollars which are set aside by the government to be spent on small businesses (23%) and for woman-owned businesses (5%). The company wants to provide the highest quality services that will support USA government initiatives for both consumers and businesses alike. The team felt this rigorous and stringent initiative was necessary to achieve our strategic goals. Continue reading

A PCI Certified Level 1 Call Center will better protect your customer’s data

by Rich Hamilton,  Director of Marketing & Product Development

Technolgy with securityYou’ve made the decision. Your organization is seeking an outsourced call center to work on your behalf. Outsourced call centers are often referred to as Service Agencies, Telemarketing Vendors, or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Regardless of what they are called, many factors will need to be considered, including call center size, location(s), management, technology capabilities and experience with different types of calls such as helpdesk, customer service or sales. One factor that should not be overlooked is Information Security. How secure will your customer data be with a potential call center? Let’s look at how a PCI Certified Level 1 Call Center will be able to best protect your customer data as opposed to a call center that is not PCI Certified Level 1. Continue reading

Helping You Achieve Your Supplier Diversity Goals – WBENC Certified

Red Businesswoman leading a teamBy Angela Garfinkel, President and Founder

Did you know that Quality Contact Solutions is certified as a Woman Owned Business? While this may not be key information for you, your company’s procurement team may find this information extremely beneficial. Since 2009, QCS has completed a rigorous assessment by the certifying agency, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council or WBENC.

Most large organizations have Supplier Diversity goals. Using Quality Contact Solutions as your outsourced telemarketing services vendor can help your organization achieve its supplier diversity goals. Companies like United Health Group and Allstate Insurance count on QCS to help them achieve their goals, including the procurement team’s Supplier Diversity goals. Continue reading