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Use Telemarketing Lead Generation to Mine for Gold

Telemarketing Lead Generation is a lot like mining for gold. A lot of time and energy is spent sifting, refining, and reworking. Implementing lead generation programs effectively is difficult, and just like real gold mining, generating leads is a time consuming process for a busy sales staff that would much rather be closing sales. It can be downright difficult to run a successful lead generation program when sales resources are limited. What are some of the ways in which sales management can ensure that their lead generation programs are working at maximum efficiency?

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B2B Telemarketing Sales Increases Opportunities For Prospecting

Every sales manager knows that consistent prospecting is a requirement to achieve sales goals on an ongoing basis. The math is clear. For every existing customer that goes out of business, consolidates with another business or stops needing your product or services, you must replace them with a new customer. In addition to the sales benefits, prospecting also provides key business networking and branding opportunities. In other words, prospecting can do more for your organization than just finding potential buyers.

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B2B Telemarketing Breaks the Phone Sales Stigma

We all have experienced that stigma at one point or another about telephone sales…you know what I’m talking about…the cheesy voice with the script, the person that doesn’t listen to you, the call that you listen to with no intent to purchase the product that is being presented to you for fear of being rude.  How can anyone sell anything over the phone, especially at a higher price point?

B2B telemarketing at QCS is eliminating all stigmas.  We have professionals that are well trained to help the customer fill a need.  With the talent today in the workforce and experienced leadership to support the employees, it is really amazing how successful organizations can be with telephone sales and telemarketing lead generation. Here are a few examples of some very successful B2B Telemarketing sales reps that currently work in our organization. Continue reading

Defining the Right Goals

AJ Windle, Senior Operations Manager at Quality Contact Solutions is featured in the October 2013 Connections magazine.   Read his article about key fundamentals to think about when defining the right goals for your B2B Telemarketing Sales campaign or other programs in your call center:

“The Super Bowl, an NBA title, the Stanley Cup: These are all examples of goals that each team within these sports strives for every season. Each represents a purpose for all things leading up to a final achievement. Goals are set by individuals and teams as a means of getting somewhere. But it’s not enough to see the end; you need to build a strong road map…”  –Defining the Right Goals article

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B2B Appointment Setting Tips

By Angela Morris

July 2011

There are 5 key components to a successful business to business appointment setting program.


Business to business appointment setting is a tenuous balance between a numbers game and creating a work of art. A successful appointment setting program begins with developing the criteria for what types of businesses you want to target, what size of businesses you want to target and what level of decision-maker you want to target. A wrong list selection can doom the program from the start. An on-target list selection gives your program a running head start.


Why would a business owner or manager want to accept the offer of an appointment? It’s the classic question of, “What’s in it for me?” WIIFM. Spend some time developing talking points that clearly answer this question and you’ll be on the right track. Again, the art of creating the program is in the answer to this question. It may also be beneficial to offer an incentive in exchange for the appointment. Try to make the incentive relevant to your business if possible (discount offer, free trail, etc.)

Professional and Memorable

Every good B to B representative knows how to engage the gatekeeper and their prospect in a professional, yet memorable phone conversation. It is important to make a positive impression, while at the same time engaging the prospect in such a way that they remember you and subsequently honor the set appointment when the time comes.

Record Keeping

It is important to track every appointment and to document the results of each appointment. Feed these results back to the appointment setting team so that they can make adjustments to their approach that minimize no-shows (Yes, there will be no-shows!) and increase back end sales rates.


Most businesses do not have unlimited prospects within their target market. once you’ve identified your top prospects, engage in a perpetual B to B appointment setting and lead nurturing program. By perpetual, we recommend calling your prospects and sending a postcard or other direct mail piece every 2-3 months. A “no” today could be a “yes” in a couple of months when their situation changes. Studies show that it takes an average of seven impressions with a prospect before they start to actively recognize who you are. The more competitive the market, the number may be significantly higher than seven.